April 28, 2011

A Lesson Learned on Fit: What Not to Wear

What the h-e-c-k is business casual? Seriously, what does that mean? I think the hardest part of transitioning from college to the "real world" has been these random situations that are somewhere in the murky area that is in between business and casual attire. I had a mini final exam yesterday which took away from my studying for my REAL final exam today. In the exam yesterday I had to interview a pretend client and I was videotaped, so I was instructed to wear "business casual."

Shirt: pac sun t-shirt S, Cardigan: BR Factory XXSP, Pants: BR Factory 00P, Belt: from Ann Taylor skirt, Shoes: Payless, Necklace, Bracelet: Tiffany

I threw this on and I looked fine in the interview compared to everyone else, but then I came home and took pictures and YIKES - I hate it. 

From the front, not terrible, but we've got that whisker thing going on which generally means pants are too small. But from the back, I literally have "mom butt." I AM 24 YEARS OLD - TOO YOUNG TO HAVE THIS. I am blaming the pants for this one - my ass does not look like that in jeans or leggings, only in these pants it seems. 

The cardigan also looks baggy from the back. Maybe I just needed a belt to cinch the waist or something, but since the pants have belt loops I couldn't do it here. When I went into the actual interview I wore this jacket and ditched the cardigan:

Jacket: Loft 00P ($4.88 !!!)

I ended up feeling more professional just because of the jacket, but now that I'm seeing it, I hate that too. I think it is the t-shirt under the jacket/cardigan that is giving me a terrible vibe, because I wore the jacket here and I really loved it with that outfit. 

Anyway, the lesson I learned today - take pictures of yourself because what you see and what things really ARE can be two different things. Oh and I'm never wearing those pants again until I gain 5 lbs all in my butt area. 

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