May 31, 2011

my bf is allergic to giraffes.

I went to the Zoo yesterday! I generally dislike zoos because of the smell and typically trashy people, but we went and it was AWESOME. WE GOT TO FEED GIRAFFES! How many zoos actually let you FEED and PET the giraffes!??! None that I've ever been to before, except for Zoo Miami. My BF also indulged me and let me take him to Forever 21. I got some skinny jeans for 10 bucks, a skirt I will probably never wear again, and a belt for 3.50 that will definitely get some use. 
I wore this to a memorial day date with my boyfriend.
Tank: H&M
Sweater: Banana Republic
Belt: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: From TJ Maxx
Necklace: Pendant from India
Here we are feeding the giraffe

And his allergies kicked in immediately after, I felt so bad for him! Great experience though.

May 27, 2011


HAIR CUT SUCCESS. I highly recommend D&L hair studio in South Miami. Very much an "experience" - beautiful salon, amazing head and neck massage during the shampoo, friendly and eclectic staff.. I will be going back. So anyway, here is why I am vain: 
Navy Blue Tank: Old Navy
Lace Tank: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: Forever 21, size 24
Shoes: Nine west outlet
Necklace: Etsy
Sunglasses: Versace via Sunglass Hut, gift
Watch: Fossil
Center bracelet: gift
Right bracelet: John Hardy

May 26, 2011

gearing up for memorial day weekend

I am so excited - I'm finally getting a hair cut tomorrow. I have never gotten my hair cut anywhere but the same place my entire life. Because of that sad fact, since I went to college and grad school my hair has taken the back burner, and I was only able to get a cut pretty much every 6 months when I went home for the summer and winter breaks. I decided it's about time to find a place in Miami, so tomorrow will be the test. I may be running back to my stylist in Connecticut, but I hope not!
Dress: even, Off 5th, size S
Cardigan: Banana Republic, XXSP
Shoes: Nine West outlet
Purse: Longchamp le pliage, medium
Necklace: street vendor in Italy
Ring: Forever 21
The dress has really pretty pleats on the shoulders, the picture doesnt do it justice. I tried brining my bag into pictures - kind of awkward, but now I can really see what my whole outfit looks like.
Top: Haircut needed!
Bottom: Necklace from Italy, ring from Forever 21.
The ring is actually identical color to the necklace. Weird how lighting works.

May 25, 2011


I used my brain way too much today. I spent 6 hours figuring out which cases were connected to each other by reading ballistics reports. (Basically, there were a bunch of shootings. Some shootings involved the same guns, I had to figure out which guns were involved in which shootings) The ballistics reports cited case numbers instead of victim names, so I had to keep cross-referencing the numbers to the names... it was tedious. And in the end I only produced 4 pages of work. Oh well.
T-Shirt: Polo, XS
Cardigan: J. Crew, XS
Necklace: Amrita Singh Hampton in light pink
Jeans: Gap legging jean, 25
Shoes: Payless
Bracelet: John Hardy
I love this necklace.

May 24, 2011

oh you fancy huh

I'm getting tired of only wearing jeans to work when I have all these pencil skirts and suits laying in my closet asking to be worn, so today I wore a skirt.
Cardigan: Ann Taylor XXSP
Shirt: Polo, 2
Skirt: H&M, 2
Belt: Ann Taylor Factory, XS
Shoes: Nine West Outlet
Necklace: David Yurman
I never wear this green shirt. I figured I should pull it out of the closet for a color brigade day!

May 23, 2011

cashmere & final sale purchase

My mom randomly sends me gifts every now and then, I think because she misses me :) She recently sent me this gorgeous ann taylor cardigan, but when I looked at what it was made of I kind of freaked out because it is dry clean only (for a cardigan!?!?) and it is cashmere (which I don't know how to care for - hence most likely why it is dry clean only). Also the price tag was hefty for a freakin' cardigan. Mom assured me she got it on sale (although for how much, I will never know) so I just took the cardigan and I didn't want to kick a gift horse in the mouth so I kept my mouth shut about the price. 
Cardigan: Ann Taylor, XXSP
Shirt: Gap, XS
Necklace: don't know
Earrings: Tiffany - gift
Bracelet: John Hardy - gift
Jeans: Gap legging jean, 25
Shoes: Nine west outlet
In other news, I had been lusting after this crazy pair of boots for MONTHS. I distinctly remember sitting on my parent's couch after Christmas looking online, and almost purchasing these boots for 109 dollars, down from 270 *EDIT* down from $398 retail, and $270 on the yoox website. They were green suede and I had no idea how I would wear them but I knew I wanted them.
For MONTHS I constantly checked the website ( to see if they had gone down in price. They went down to 79 and I almost bought them. Then they went down to 69 and I almost bought them. Then I forgot about them for a few weeks. I checked back two weeks ago and they were down to 49 dollars, and they were sold out in the green that I wanted in my size! (sad face). However, they did have a really pretty deep purple that I felt would probably go with more outfits anyways, so I took the plunge, and got them for 49 bucks with free shipping. They were final sale though, so I was stuck with whatever they looked like in we go.
Boots: Kathryn Amberleigh suede over the knee boot via
Likes: 1. The quality. They are so well made and you can tell by the feel. 
2. The color - a rich jewel tone, can be worn with a variety of styles and colors
3. they are very unique and I will definitely be the only person wearing something like this when I go out
Dislikes: 1. the height - they are truly over the knee
2. the pointy toe - they aren't "witchy" but they are definitely not almond either, which is more in style now
3. not form fitting at all - the boot is the same width from the thigh to the ankle, so it makes my legs look super wide
4. not a true negative, but the lining is some type of fur, i think sheep. which means it is SUPER warm and appropriate for winter, but not great for miami summer (which it pretty much is right now - reaching 90 every day this week)

Verdict: I have to keep them because they were final sale, but I don't feel so bad about it because for 50 bucks they were a steal (originally $398 - CAN YOU SAY AMAZING). Also, when I visit my parents this winter and go skiing in Vermont, I will make sure to bring them home with me and wear them every day so I get use out of them! And on the rare chance that it hits 50 or below in Miami, I will bust these babies out and hopefully look good when doing so.

May 21, 2011

iphone outfit photos

I was helping my boyfriend move out of his place Thursday so I wasn't near a digital camera. I had him snap a few pics using my iPhone 4, but when they were enlarged on my computer they were terribly blurry and just poor quality. I wonder if anyone else has these problems with the cameras on their phones? My boyfriend also has an iPhone 4 but his pictures seem to come out better than mine. weird.
Shirt: Dept via Hautelook, XS
Tank top: Old Navy, XS
Blazer: Theory Outlet, Gabe B, 00
Jeans: Seven for all mankind, 24
Belt: super old
Shoes: Nine West Outlet
Necklace: Tiffany - gift (buy here)
The button up shirt was an impulse buy from Hautelook a while ago when they were having one of the 80% or more off sales. I had just started an internship and needed more work appropriate clothes, so I got this blouse for something like 20 bucks. It is sheer chiffon-like material, and the dots are actually little hearts.

May 18, 2011

three ways to wear a scarf

By now, Wendy's 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf video has reached many viewers. When I am concentrating at work I tend to fidget without really knowing it, and I ended up wearing my scarf all three of these ways today tying and untying it while I was reading (a super interesting deposition re: gang violence). And voila. 
Left: men's tie Middle: classic drape Right: european loop
Scarf: coach outlet
Blazer: H&M, size 2
Shirt: Pacsun (old), size S
Jeans: Paper Denim, size 24
Necklace: Tiffany
Bracelet: John Hardy
Left: I need a haircut pretty badly. Top right: necklace close up. Bottom right: Pretty lining inside the blazer

May 17, 2011

Ann Taylor Factory Shell

Here is how I wore my new Ann Taylor Factory shell today: 
Shell: Ann Taylor Factory, XSP
Cardigan: H&M, XS
Belt: Ann Taylor Factory, XS
Jeans: Yanuk, 25
Necklace: Tiffany - Elsa Peretti Open Heart

I bought the shell without trying it on - mistake. But the fit is not horrible. There is about an extra inch on each side, and the arm holes are pretty small. If you look closely you can see the top of my bra in the arm hole (oops!). But the arm holes don't really matter because I wouldn't be wearing anything sleeveless to work without something to cover my arms anyway. Adding the Ann Taylor belt fixed the problem of the shirt being too baggy. 
Jeans: Yanuk, 25
Shoes: Ann Taylor Factory patent heels

I've been wearing like the same two pairs of pants over and over even though I own upwards of 20 pairs of jeans, so today I made an effort to wear something different. They are too big in the waist (being a size 25 and all) and they are super long. Even wearing heels the pants were grazing the ground.

Ps - first color brigade post ever, woo woo, heres for slowly but surely joining the blogging community!

May 15, 2011

Friday, Friday

If you haven't heard Rebecca Black's "Friday" more power to you. But if you want to hear it and you haven't yet, head over to youtube and have a listen. It is terrible and wonderful. 
Tank: Old Navy XS (old)
Sweater: Banana Republic XXSP
Belt: from Ann Taylor skirt
Necklace: Etsy
Bracelet: John Hardy
Shoes: Nine West outlet

Necklace: Etsy

May 13, 2011


Today I attempted to try something different with my hair. I used like, 7 bobby pins (too many), and by the end of the day my hair looked like this (below). I like the messy look, but this is too messy for me. I think I'm gonna try those Goody spin pins soon. 
Shell: Forever 21 - size S
Sweater: LOFT size XS
Belt: from Ann Taylor skirt
Jeans: Gap Jegging size 25
Pearls: Nordstrom rack
Ring: gift from mom from NYC street fair, looks like mother of pearl

May 9, 2011


Almost everything I am wearing today is new. I have a shopping problem. Since I was wearing the same jeans almost every day last week I decided I needed to get some new ones. I stopped into Gap and they had some of their jeggings on sale but nothing in my size (generally size 24). I tried on the 25s and they fit everywhere except the waist. For 20 bucks I figured I can wear a belt with them to fix the problem, and they will probably shrink enough in the wash to fix it too. 

Blouse: Ann Taylor Factory Size 0
Cardigan: LOFT Size XSP
Belt: Ann Taylor Factory Size XS
Jeans: Gap Jegging Size 25
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: John Hardy
Shoes: Nine West Outlet

Shoes: Nine West Outlet

The blouse is from the Easter weekend extra 40% off sale. The blouse is bigger than I would like but it looks blousy when tucked in which was the idea. The cardigan is from Loft's recent extra 30% of sale items (still going on as far as I know). I picked up this one in a neutral light brown to replace my old abercrombie & fitch one that I have worn to death. I also got a black one to replace my J crew cardigan which has developed a hole! The shoes I got yesterday at the nine west outlet. They had a buy 1 get 1 half off sale! I got these which have a little platform and some grey suede flats too. I've made some very neutral but eventful purchases in the past few weeks.

May 5, 2011


I visited a client at the prison today with my boss. It was very exciting! It smelled weird, it was weird seeing people in handcuffs all over the place, it was dirty, but overall it was fun. I was told it didn't matter what I wore, so I wore this: (sidenote, although told it didnt matter what I wore, I was questioned about my I.D., and I was stopped once because no one thought I was old enough to be an attorney - fools!)
Sweater: BR Factory XXSP (held together with a safety pin, you can't see it - that's the point)
Top: K-mart Size Small - $5 (also bought the same shirt in black w/ same pattern)
Jeans: A&F 00R
Necklace: David Yurman - gift from parents for 21st bday
Bracelet: John Hardy - gift from BF
Shoes: Sperry top siders
Long story made kind of short - I had to meet my bf and some of his friends at the casino a few months ago, and I was coming from the beach. I smelled like beach and sweat (disgusting!) so on the drive over I stopped at a K-mart off the highway to buy deodorant and some cheap makeup. I happeneddddd to browse the women's clothing and saw this blouse and a black one in the same pattern for 5 bucks each. They are polyester but you can't tell by looking, and they are very flowy like chiffon. They are perfect for a work. I picked up both and have gotten so much use out of them already that they are worth the money and so much more!
These shoes give me such a pain in the heel every time I wear them. I need to get a heel pad or something. I love how they worn they look, that is one of the reasons why I got them.

May 3, 2011

summer scarf

Tank Top: Old Navy XS
Sweater: Target Wrap Sweater XS
Jeans: A&F 00R
Scarf: Coach Outlet
Shoes: Payless
Sunglasses: Versace
Top Bracelet: John Hardy gift from BF
Bottom Bracelet: Unknown - gift from Dad years ago

As you can see, these jeans that I wear like everyday are pretty long - but I fix it by cuffing them at the bottom. I kind of like it. I need some more dark wash jeans because I don't feel comfortable wearing anything lighter to work (I don't want to make myself look any more casual than I already do!)

The top bracelet is a brand new gift from my BF for our 1 year anniversary. It came with this beautiful heart attached that has white sapphires, but I took it off because 1) I am afraid that I will lose the stones if I wear it every day and 2) when I type the heart scrapes against my computer making an awful noise which bothers me and probably the people around me. 
What I'm loving about john hardy is that their bracelets come in different sizes! This is women's size Small, which fits me very well. See the difference between the JH bracelet and the unknown one from my dad?
AND - If your wrist is even smaller than me, JH makes kids jewelry too which looks just as great as the adult stuff, and for a more reasonable price! I have a feeling I could fit into the largest kids size - I would want to head to the mall and try the kids sizes out before I buy something else.
I'm loving my new Coach scarves. This black white and grey one goes with a ton of my wardrobe, and is perfect for layering because my office is FREEZING.

May 2, 2011

Lukewarm News

Good news: I found out I can wear jeans to work! YAY!
Bad news: Being able to wear jeans means I will not be jumping out of my seat to wear my brand new Theory black suit for a while :(

Jacket: Banana Republic Factory Size 00P
Shirt: J Crew Factory Size XS
Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch Size 00
Necklace: Gift
Belt: Ann Taylor Factory XS