May 17, 2011

Ann Taylor Factory Shell

Here is how I wore my new Ann Taylor Factory shell today: 
Shell: Ann Taylor Factory, XSP
Cardigan: H&M, XS
Belt: Ann Taylor Factory, XS
Jeans: Yanuk, 25
Necklace: Tiffany - Elsa Peretti Open Heart

I bought the shell without trying it on - mistake. But the fit is not horrible. There is about an extra inch on each side, and the arm holes are pretty small. If you look closely you can see the top of my bra in the arm hole (oops!). But the arm holes don't really matter because I wouldn't be wearing anything sleeveless to work without something to cover my arms anyway. Adding the Ann Taylor belt fixed the problem of the shirt being too baggy. 
Jeans: Yanuk, 25
Shoes: Ann Taylor Factory patent heels

I've been wearing like the same two pairs of pants over and over even though I own upwards of 20 pairs of jeans, so today I made an effort to wear something different. They are too big in the waist (being a size 25 and all) and they are super long. Even wearing heels the pants were grazing the ground.

Ps - first color brigade post ever, woo woo, heres for slowly but surely joining the blogging community!

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