May 26, 2011

gearing up for memorial day weekend

I am so excited - I'm finally getting a hair cut tomorrow. I have never gotten my hair cut anywhere but the same place my entire life. Because of that sad fact, since I went to college and grad school my hair has taken the back burner, and I was only able to get a cut pretty much every 6 months when I went home for the summer and winter breaks. I decided it's about time to find a place in Miami, so tomorrow will be the test. I may be running back to my stylist in Connecticut, but I hope not!
Dress: even, Off 5th, size S
Cardigan: Banana Republic, XXSP
Shoes: Nine West outlet
Purse: Longchamp le pliage, medium
Necklace: street vendor in Italy
Ring: Forever 21
The dress has really pretty pleats on the shoulders, the picture doesnt do it justice. I tried brining my bag into pictures - kind of awkward, but now I can really see what my whole outfit looks like.
Top: Haircut needed!
Bottom: Necklace from Italy, ring from Forever 21.
The ring is actually identical color to the necklace. Weird how lighting works.

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