May 5, 2011


I visited a client at the prison today with my boss. It was very exciting! It smelled weird, it was weird seeing people in handcuffs all over the place, it was dirty, but overall it was fun. I was told it didn't matter what I wore, so I wore this: (sidenote, although told it didnt matter what I wore, I was questioned about my I.D., and I was stopped once because no one thought I was old enough to be an attorney - fools!)
Sweater: BR Factory XXSP (held together with a safety pin, you can't see it - that's the point)
Top: K-mart Size Small - $5 (also bought the same shirt in black w/ same pattern)
Jeans: A&F 00R
Necklace: David Yurman - gift from parents for 21st bday
Bracelet: John Hardy - gift from BF
Shoes: Sperry top siders
Long story made kind of short - I had to meet my bf and some of his friends at the casino a few months ago, and I was coming from the beach. I smelled like beach and sweat (disgusting!) so on the drive over I stopped at a K-mart off the highway to buy deodorant and some cheap makeup. I happeneddddd to browse the women's clothing and saw this blouse and a black one in the same pattern for 5 bucks each. They are polyester but you can't tell by looking, and they are very flowy like chiffon. They are perfect for a work. I picked up both and have gotten so much use out of them already that they are worth the money and so much more!
These shoes give me such a pain in the heel every time I wear them. I need to get a heel pad or something. I love how they worn they look, that is one of the reasons why I got them.

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