June 22, 2011

the 1 year rule

I've been doing a lot of "spring cleaning" recently in preparation for moving into a new place August 1st. This, of course, includes cleaning out my closet and deciding what to keep and what to give away or throw out. I have an ever-increasing pile of clothes and shoes forming in my room - it really is disgusting that I have so many clothes. Many of them still have the tags on! One rule to live by is if you haven't worn it in a year or more to get rid of it. Knowing that I should stick to this rule made me pull out a shirt I haven't worn in more than a year today and wear it just because it hasn't seen any love. 
Shirt: Banana Republic, XS
Cardigan: Banana Republic, XXSP (similar w/ detail)
Jeans: Forever 21, 24x29
Belt: Ann Taylor Factory, XS (similar here - comes in XXS!)
Necklace: Lord & Taylor (here
Reasons why I didn't wear this shirt for over a year:
1. the shape - it is a "trapeze" style, which was in style, and is probably still in style, but it doesn't look right on me. On me it looks baggy and doesn't help my already skinny frame. 
2. the color - it is hard to match with anything else because it is not quite red and not quite pink. The collar is also not quite grey, lol.
3. the length - generally too long for work, too short to be a dress, it falls in the awkward in-between.
Reasons why I didn't throw/give it away during the spring cleaning:
1. the shape can easily be fixed with a belt - as I tried to do above
2. although the colors are hard to match, I really have too much grey, black, and white in my wardrobe and having an interesting pinky/red is a good addition to my color palate. 
3. having recently seen Easy Petite Looks' blog post about long tanks being appropriate for the office, I felt I could make this work for my super casual office also. 
Necklace: Lord & Taylor (here)
I've fallen into a sort of tradition with my mom that every year for my birthday we go shopping together at Lord & Taylor and pick out some piece of jewelry from the fine jewelry section for me as a gift. It started because I have THE WORST BIRTHDAY IN THE WORLD. Yes, I said it. Can you guess when it is? I'll tell you - right after Christmas and right before New Years. There are several reasons this is the Worst Birthday In The World - 1) no friends can ever celebrate on the actual day or really even near the actual day because they are with their own families, 2) family (and friends) will try to GIP you and only get you one gift for both christmas and my birthday, and 3) I really can only think of those two things. 
Anyway, all this birthday talk got me sidetracked from what I wanted to say - is that right after christmas stores have AMAZING sales on really high quality jewelry - we're talking 80% or more off. I was able to get this necklace for around 150 bucks, it was originally about 500 or 600 (550 according to the link) if I remember correctly. I love sales and good deals and wanted to share with you that patience can be a great virtue when it comes to waiting - because although I may not have gotten this necklace exactly on my birthday, it felt really good for me to get it 1 day later and to get it for a fraction of the price someone else likely did. 

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  1. This is a great top. Glad you didn't throw it out. I could see you pairing it with maybe a yellow or turqouise belt or accessories?