June 13, 2011

glorified fanny pack & gangsta shoes

This weekend I was in the Happiest Place on Earth - yes, Disney World. BF and I stayed with his best friend from high school so I tried to pack lightly to not take up a ton of space in his apartment. I also busted out some items for practicality purposes that I rarely use. Here is what I wore when we went to listen to BF's friend play guitar at a bar the first night:
Dress: Lucca Couture via Hautelook, S
Cardigan: Loft, XXS
Belt: Forever 21, XS/S
Necklace: Etsy
Shoes: Tj Maxx
I packed sneakers to try to save my feet since I knew we were going to be doing a LOT of walking. I also backed my glorified fanny pack aka cross-body bag so I wouldn't have to cart around a big purse, and since it wouldn't fall off my body in crowds and on super sweet rides (the rides, not so sweet). Without sounding like a meanie, Disney was not what I remembered it as. Basically, I LOVE roller coasters and the Magic Kingdom was completely lacking in that department. We will definitely be hitting up Universal Studios for the better coasters next time. On to the glorified fanny pack and interesting shoes:
Bag: Dooney & Bourke crossbody
Shoes: Reebok high tops, with pumps in case you didnt notice.
This is the first time I used this bag. It was definitely functional, but I personally think cross body's look dumb a lot of the time. Another reason I never wore this bag before is because of the leather. I'm not used to being careful with my purses, and as a result after only wearing this bag for like 8 hours it has a little "Z" mark on the front left side (check it out above). This pisses me off. Thankfully I got the bag as a gift so I dont feel as angry as I would have if I paid for it myself, but MEH. GRRR I can't believe I made a mark the first time I even wore it. 
The shoes were an impulse buy from TJ Maxx last year. I thought I looked so gangsta wearing them. Every time I wear them though I get compliments so I guess I don't look THAT stupid, lol.

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