June 15, 2011

gray to match the sky

I'm only outside for a few minutes every day during the week - walking to my car in the morning, walking into my office before work, leaving my office and walking to my car, and walking back into my apartment building after work. I really look forward to those few minutes because living in Miami it is always sunny - or so I thought. Apparently we have entered hurricane season, meaning pretty much every day it rains. And as it just so happens, this entire week has been gloomy for the few minutes I've been outside. Today I dressed the part and matched the dreary sky. YAWN. where is the summer sun???
Top: Ann Taylor Factory, 0
Cardigan: Banana Republic, XS
Pants: Banana Republic, 00P
Belt: Ann Taylor Factory, XS
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Tiffany
Bag: Longchamp le pliage
Bracelet: John Hardy
Today was also the first time I braved the outdoors to try taking photos. The lighting was pretty good, not too bright but not too dim either - neither of the parking garage pics were used with flash. Maybe I'll be doing this outside thing more often - the pics def look better, even if I am surrounded by concrete.

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