June 24, 2011

when BF leaves town, i SHOP!

I had to drive BF to the airport at 4:30 this morning (45 minutes away, ugh!), and I didn't go back to sleep when I came home so excuse any bags under my eyes, lol. In addition to cleaning out my closet and room for my upcoming move, I've been constantly looking at home decor blogs and websites trying to get ideas about what to purchase and how to decorate my new apartment (that I haven't yet signed a lease for or visited or know anything about yet haha). I know that based on the furniture I already have I am likely going to do a black and white theme, with the furniture being black and any accessories being white, with touches of one or two other colors as accents (turquoise and coral, anyone?!). Anyway, today I hit up Ross (they have a pretty great home decor section) and Target to bide some time in the afternoon, and I made out pretty well for myself! Here is what I wore: (this is the Gap cardigan that I was frustrated with in the last post)
Cardigan: Gap, S (currently available here)
T-shirt: Pac Sun, S $4.99 (similar)
Jeans: Forever 21, $10.50
Necklace: Etsy (here)
Bracelet: Etsy (here)
When I hit up Ross, there were sooo many things I wanted to get but I restrained myself! I got 3 basic t-shirts for about 5-6 bucks each with the intent that I will be throwing out some of these Pac Sun shirts that are starting to get old. I want to also throw out a pair of my brown sandals, but am waiting on my order from the Target 20% off sale to get here before I decide. I saw these brown Steve Madden sandals for only $11.99 so I got them. Depending on how my Target order goes these might be returned, or I might return the Target ones - we will see! But I'm going to have to restrain myself from wearing these ones for the next few days while waiting for that order. Get here already, Target!
Sandals: Steve Madden, $11.99 via Ross
Ross also had a TON of home decor items that I wanted to get, but again, considering I know nothing about my new apartment, I restrained myself from purchasing the entire store. I did get this quirky ceramic buddah head, though. 
Statue: Ross, $5.99 (similar here) - might even be the same one
On my "to buy" list are other weird all white ceramic statues - they had some cool ones at Zgallerie that I loved but I know I can find them at a better discount.
At Target I picked up some concealer (for the recent revelation that I do, indeed, have dark circles under my eyes), and this Merona cardigan on clearance for only $9.98. I'm in love with the springy-green color - it was just calling for me to buy it since it went so well with my turquoise shirt!
Cardigan: Target, S (similar)
BF better come back soon, or I'm not going to have any money left!
What blogs do you like for home decorating ideas? 

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