September 30, 2011

Levi's Leather Jacket Review

I ordered this Levi's Asymmetrical Motorcycle Leather Jacket off Hautelook what seems like FOREVER ago (September 12). I'm very irked by their slow shipping times. I was really excited to get this jacket today, but unfortunately I'm not 100% sure that it hits the mark. I'd love your feedback about whether I should keep or return. Some things to keep in mind: Total cost with shipping $189 (7.95 shipping), shipping if I return it costs another $7.95. 

Here's how I would wear it as the jacket stands now (you'll notice the sleeves are all pushed up...):
And then things start to get weird...
The sleeves are super long! I mean, I should have known this since I'm "petite," but I just didnt expect them to be so long and so WIDE... The right picture shows the arm from the side.. Maybe it won't look so bad once I'm actually wearing layers underneath? After all, a leather jacket is supposed to keep you warm. I'm just wearing a tank top in these pics...
Left: Jacket from the back when unzipped, Right: Jacket from the back when zipped and sleeves up.

Likes: I'm happy with the color and the style of the jacket. I think the shoulders fit fine and when the jacket is zipped up it fits fine in the waist. The price was right, or at least I couldn't find anything in genuine leather for a comparable price. Please let me know if there are options that I'm missing! I really like how it is styled with the sleeves pushed up and the jacket open - I feel like a real rocker!
Dislikes: The sleeve length and width. I don't think I can take the jacket to a tailor because leather is so tricky. Plus, alterations would be extremely expensive (I am thinking, don't know for sure). 

Do you think this is worth holding onto for $190 bucks? Or should I return it and eat $16 just in shipping costs? Please let me know in the comments!

September 29, 2011

Inspired by Pinterest - What I'd be wearing if it was actually Fall in Miami

What's that saying? One man's misfortune is another man's gain? Well unfortunately for my professor, he was arrested for soliciting prostitution. Fortunately for me, his class was cancelled today. Anyway, innocent until proven guilty. Despite having a ton of other things to do today, I found Pinterest (I'm behind on the bandwagon, I know). I happened to stumble upon a picture and outfit that I loved, and I decided to recreate it, but only for blogging purposes because it was 87 degrees outside today. 
Cardigan: Banana Republic, XS
Green Button Down: Polo, 2
Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch, 00R
Shoes: Sperry 
Belt: Ann Taylor Factory
Necklace: Nordstrom Rack
Bling: Movado, Ann Taylor Factory, Fossil, John Hardy, Unknown
I love how the model looks freezing cold yet strong, lol. How I wish I was freezing right now.. It doesn't help that my air conditioning is on the fritz and it is 80 in my apartment as I type this. I do get to go home to CT in exactly a week, so that's something to look forward to! I wasn't wearing makeup before the "shoot," but I decided to throw on some black eye liner to accentuate my eyes, and I put foundation on my lips to really make them washed out like the models are in the picture. My hair was already messy, but I used a curling iron to flip out the front pieces on the left and right. I decided to add some extra jewelry on the neck and wrists to make this outfit more "me." 
 And lastly, I had a little fun trying to take a jumping shot. I'm sure my neighbors downstairs were super pleased to have me thumping around, lol :)

September 26, 2011

a little rant.

*EDIT* - I have done some internet searching and decided a TON of my comments are spam! I'm going through a lot of them right now and am reporting people that have spammed me. I also installed Disqus to try to help with the problems. Screw you guys for not leaving real comments! What has this blogging world come to? LAME.

I keep getting comments on this blog saying something to the effect of : "Thanks for your comment on my blog. Follow me and I'll follow you?"

There are several things that I don't understand about these comments:

1. I didn't comment on your blog. I hardly EVER comment on other people's blogs - I only do it if I truly have something to say or LOVE what the blogger is doing. Since I comment so rarely, I KNOW EXACTLY WHICH BLOGS I'VE COMMENTED ON, and NO, I haven't left a comment for you.

2. Why do all these people feel the need to beg for followers? I am a firm believer that if you produce great stuff, people will come (a little field of dreams reference there). Asking me to follow you makes me less inclined to check out your blog. I'd say I 100% check out every comment, and I 100% look at every blog and decide if it is something I want to read every day before following. I'm not just going to follow you and expect you follow me back to get street cred by having more followers or something.

3. Other comments telling me that you are following me. Listen - I dunno if you are familiar with blogger, but right there, at the top of my page when I log in, is a little gidget that tells me how many followers I have. I can see when it goes up, and I know that you aren't actually following me! What's up with lying?

I feel like "this" (fashion blogging) is becoming a popularity contest for some people. Newsflash - I am not one of those people (yet). I do it because I like my clothes (a LOT). I read other people's blogs because I like their clothes and I look to them for inspiration on how to style my own clothes.

I especially started blogging because of the fantabulous Petite Blogging Community. Unfortunately, I feel like I am being targeted by either spamming bloggers or for some reason a ton of international bloggers - not totally my demographic that I'm going for here but whatevs.

If you read this and are one of those people that left me a comment similar to above - please do not be offended. Just think about what you are doing and how weird and fake it seems. If you want me to follow you or comment on your blog, start with something simple and nice, a la "Love those shoes!" and you've got me sold!

To my followers and people who read my ish, I love ya to bits!

September 25, 2011

September Shopping

Despite a ban that I put on myself, I did some shopping this month :( I thought I'd share the (pretty) good deals that I found along the way.

I made a mental list of things that I really really wanted and I am proud to stay I stuck to it, despite some extras that happened to get thrown in to get free shipping along the way. Here we go:

1. Leather Jacket.
I knew I wanted a leather motorcycle jacket as opposed to a bomber jacket. I was dissuaded by the price points of most jackets (upwards of $250 for real leather)(FAUX leather ones were still approximately $150 at brands like Guess and Express) If I'm going to pay that much for a jacket, I want it to be real leather.
Leather Jackets by GUESS at ShopStyle
Guess Jacket: $128 at Macy's
Leather Jackets by Express at ShopStyle
Express (minus the) leather bomber jacket: $138 at Express

I had a hard time deciding between brown or black leather, but with some convincing from a friend I decided to go with a brown asymmetrical jacket during one of Hautelook's recent sales. I got it for $179, and although it is a splurge, I know I can wear it for years to come! While I couldn't find my exact jacket online, I did find this one from Piperlime that looks almost exactly like the one I ended up getting:
Leather Jackets by Sanctuary at ShopStyle
It is pricier at $378. I love the color Cognac, and it will look very cool zippered up with the asymmetrical lines.

2. Leopard Belt
Belts by Forever 21 at ShopStyle
I have yet to own anything leopard print, and I decided it was about time to try it out. This was was easy for me - I knew a belt would be a cheap way to incorporate leopard into my wardrobe. I got this belt from F21 last night during a mini-haul. I will say, it was VERY hard for me to find $50 worth of stuff to buy just to get the free shipping. I ended up buying BF three t-shirts from the Men's line just to fill up my cart!

3. Curb-link bracelet
I first saw a curb-link bracelet while perusing Atlantic-Pacific's blog. She linked over to where she got hers, but it cost something like $70. I have an unspoken rule that I won't pay more than about $30 for costume jewelry, so that choice was out. For the past month or two I've been constantly looking for a gold (tone) bracelet that fit the bill, but couldn't find anything affordable - only "inspiration" pieces:
Bracelets by Yves Saint Laurent at ShopStyle
YSL: $895
Bracelets by Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle
Marc by Marc Jacobs: $98

And then, ALL OF A SUDDEN, last night I came across TOO MANY affordable options to choose from! I ended up getting these from Forever 21 - So I could have both a gold and silver option!

Bracelets by Forever 21 at ShopStyle
Forever 21 Silver Curb Chain Bracelet: $6.80

Bracelets by Forever 21 at ShopStyle
Forever 21 Embellished Chain Bracelet: $6.80
(My plan is to cut off the strings that are tied around it, leaving just the gold)

And then I perused Etsy, and found THESE amazing handmade bracelets, that I had to have also! Doesn't the texture look like that YSL one from above?? The seller said she could even remove a link or two to make the bracelet fit better (great for petite ladies like me who have problems with almost all my bracelets falling off!)

Images via Allisprettyjewelry
As I said, I had to fill up my cart at Forever 21, so I also picked up two silky scarves (100% polyester but apparently silk-like) - one in a great jade green and one in red with leopard print. I also got a mustard skinny belt. We'll see what's up with those - I hope they work out because accessories are non returnable :)

4. HP Touchpad case
In case you didnt know, HP decided to opt out of the tablet game and had a serious flash sale on their Touchpad product a few weeks ago (maybe even a month?). My BF alerted me to the sale and we both got a 32 gb touchpad for $150. Seriously a good deal considering the iPad is about 600. Yes, there are some drawbacks to the Touchpad (crappy operating system, no HD camera) but really, I just wanted a cool toy. I don't need it to be a one stop shop for everything. And, Android is supposed to buy out the Touchpad operating system and revamp it - and with android comes cool applications! I really hope it happens (then I can watch Netflix on the touchpad!!)

Since I got this cool toy, I need to protect it. I decided I wanted something like a faux snake-skin or croc-skin case. FYI the Touchpad and the iPad 1 have almost the same dimensions, so iPad 1 cases should fit (according to forums online). I headed to ebay for mine - I ended up getting a faux croc skin case in black for less than $9 and free shipping from China. I'm still waiting on the package (said it could take up to 30 business days, YIKES!) but for 9 bucks you can't beat it!

The Inspiration:

Wallets by Jimmy Choo at ShopStyle
Jimmy Choo: $595

I am really going to try to abstain from shopping for a while, but I think I won't have a problem - especially once these purchases get here and I see them in person!

September 22, 2011

weekend black & grey

Saturday night I headed to Ft. Lauderdale for a friend's birthday. I wanted to get as much use out of this new bracelet as possible so I wore it again. The rest of the outfit I kept simple - not gonna lie, I was pretty uninspired with color. Despite the lack of color, I think the shirt added some texture with its horizontal striped ruffles. My bracelets were definitely on the feminine side, while my shoes and necklace were edgy.  I realized almost my whole outfit is from F21 as I was typing this post, lol. 
Ruffle Shirt: Forever 21
High Waist Pencil Skirt: Forever 21 (similar)
Belt: taken from Ann Taylor skirt
Italian Horn Necklace: Forever 21 (similar, similar, similar)
Rhinestone Bracelet: Danielle Stevens via Hautelook (similar, similar)
Chain Bracelet: Tiffany (here)
Link Bracelet: Unknown
Shoes: Target (similar)

September 19, 2011

TJ Maxx Runway Fitting Room Review

A TJ Maxx/Homegoods opened near me a few weeks ago and the best part is that it shares a shopping center with Guitar Center, so I can ALWAYS convince BF to come with me now :) They have a great selection in the Runway section and although I didn't pick up anything from my most recent trip I thought I'd share some petite-friendly items that caught my eye. 
 Top: Theory, P
Skirt: Unfortunately I completely forgot the name but it begins with an M and is size 38 European sizing
Top Likes: I loved the drapey style of this shirt and the neutral off-white/tan color. The fit was good in the shoulder and down the sides. I would love a shirt like this for work, it would go with all of my suits and would be great to mix and match.
Top Dislikes: Although the fit was good in some areas, you can see that in the back there was way too much extra material. The sleeves were much too long and I don't think they could be altered due to the shirt being silk. The shirt is way too see through - you can see my flowered bra through the shirt, lol. Although the shirt was silk, it honestly felt kind of like polyester. And for $99, I don't think it was worth it. 
Bottom Likes: The fit was amazing. I'm not a european size expert, but I thought a 38 would be too big for me in the waist. I picked up this size based on how it looked (which was very small) and it worked out well this time. The length was appropriate for work without being frumpy, I like my skirts to hit a little above the knee. Also the skirt wasnt too tight through the thigh, it left enough room between the skirt and my legs to be flattering and very office appropriate. I LOVED the pattern - you can't see it that well, but it was almost a crocodile or snake skin print which added interest to a plain black pencil skirt. 
Bottom Dislikes: although I didn't have many dislikes, I have to go with the price. For $59, I would have expected the skirt to be lined (it wasn't), and I expected it to be a better material. The skirt was labeled as a cotton/poly blend with silk lining, but since it wasn't lined, I have no idea where the silk was in the skirt.
 Top: Once again I can't remember. What's the point in doing reviews if you can't remember? Lol I guess I just liked the top enough. As you can see, the top was pretty generous in it's arm hole sizes. That ended up being the deal breaker for me there since the top was only $12.99. If only it was an inch smaller in the arm hole - I would have totally brought this home!
 Lastly I tried on these two Tibi Jackets, size 0. There were pros and cons to both of them, and I ended up not bringing home either because BF talked some sense into me: "where are you going to wear this?" "you just bought a leather jacket earlier this week" "we live in miami and this is a fall/winter coat" "it's 150 dollars!" yadda yadda yadda...
 Likes: I loved the color - a pretty deep blue/purple. The color is true to the picture. The fit was a good cropped jacket fit. The shoulders fit, the arms were 3/4 sleeve, and the length was good for petites. 
Dislikes: the sequins on the lapel and shoulders. Honestly, if this jacket had had the details from the below yellow jacket, I don't think anyone could have talked me out of buying it. It was just impractical for day to day wear with sequins.
Likes: Again, I loved the color. The color in the pictures is true to real life. The fit was the same as the blue jacket. I loved the detailing on the shoulders and lapel - it was much more appropriate for every-day wear. 
Dislikes: going with practicality, I wear much less yellow than I do blue, and the same reason I was drawn to the jacket (the vibrant yellow color) was the same reason I had to put it back on the rack. Transitioning into fall, I think a bright yellow is a much more spring and summer appropriate color. Also, the thickness of the jacket was a fall to winter weight material. Doesn't go well with living in a warm climate :(

 Above is a close up on the details. Honestly, if readers can convince me to go back and pick up one of them for $149.99, I would totally do it despite BF's wishes (heck, we don't share money, yet!) Let me know what you think! Otherwise, I hope this stuff is at your local TJ Maxx for you to try on!

September 18, 2011

weekend glamour

I just received a recent Hautelook order of Danielle Stevens jewelry and was eager to wear some of it out this weekend. Friday night I had an event to go to at a local "upscale bowling alley." I had a blast bowling - and of course you can't beat having a tab paid for by the organization sponsoring the event! There were plenty of free drinks and food to go around for everyone :) 
 Top: Charlotte Russe (old)
Jeans: Forever 21 (here)
Shoes: Nine West (similar but not as bright)
Left Bracelet: Danielle Stevens (similar) via Hautelook
Right Bracelets: Tiffany (here), Unknown
 In the past, I've only worn these shoes with all black clothing. I knew they had potential to be paired with pretty much every color but didn't really have the courage to do it until now. 
I love these shoes! I remember when I bought them each pair was different. I luckily had several size 7's to pick from to find the arrangement of colors that I liked best.
I ordered this bracelet off Hautelook recently. I think it is wayyy too big for me, but I pushed it up onto my arm to make it more of an arm band than a cuff bracelet. Although I won't be wearing this every day, it will be nice to have a really striking statement bracelet to wear when I want to feel glamourous after work or on the weekends. 

September 12, 2011

shades of tan

Last weekend I went shopping at Loft to try to snag some labor day weekend deals. My store NEVER has 00P, but I ended up with two skirts in that size (that I would have rather paid less for) and I also got a cute pair of gold sandals for only ~$5. Both of the skirts I got were animal print, and I was contemplating returning one of them. When I got home I couldn't decide which to keep because I think they are both so different. The one I wore in this outfit post I see as more casual, with its clearer print design and lighter, more summery colors. The other skirt is more subdued - it is in a dark brown and the print is much less noticeably animal than this one. I decided to keep them both, because although I know I could have scored them at a cheaper price (that is, if my size was still in stock weeks down the road, which it won't be) I would still pay $30 for a skirt of the same caliber, so I can't whine too much.
Skirt: Loft
Tee: TJ Maxx
Sweater: Loft
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Forever 21
Belt: Ann Taylor Factory
Bracelets: Movado, Fossil, John Hardy
Although I'm not super proud of this outfit, and realize I stuck to pretty neutral colors, I wanted to post it anyway because if you like this skirt it is likely on pretty decent sale at your local Loft now! I picked up mine for a decent ~15 and it might be even cheaper at a store near you.

September 7, 2011

Amrita Singh site wide 50% off sale!

Amrita Singh is having a site-wide sale - 50% off EVERYTHING with code FNO11, in honor of Fashion's Night Out! If you search in the sale section and do the math, there are some great deals to be found! The Hampton earrings that I got off Hautelook during the last sale were $12, but they are $10 on Amrita Singh's site now. They still have the popular Montauk necklace in stock, too, for $30.

What did you pick up from her sale?

September 2, 2011

salon cheater

I have a confession to make. I bite my nails. Yes - terrible, I know. For the last 20 or so years I've been biting, but I stopped this past spring when I discovered Shellac. Shellac is a paint on polish that wears extremely well, with no chips for up to 14 days (more than that, usually). And the best part? It is super thick and hard and for me, impossible to bite through! So I had long beautiful nails for months in the spring! But then finals kicked in, and I found a way to bite through the polish and bite my nails off, and I haven't been back to my salon since. 
Today I decided I needed to get my nails done and attempt at re-growing them because I have some important interviews coming up and I dont want to have nasty nails. My old salon is sooo far away now (lol, like 2 miles) so I decided to try another close to me. BIG MISTAKE. I totally regret my salon cheating.
Why I will not be going back:
1) I asked if they had Shellac, they said yes, but when I went in it was like bootleg Shellac called Le Chat Perfect Match. I was already inside so I decided just to try it.
2) The salon itself was pretty grimy. My old salon, although super cheap, FELT high end. Old salon sterilized their tools before and vacuum sealed them so they at least looked brand new. Old salon had chic furniture. New salon pulled out nasty looking tools and sprayed them with disinfectant before using them. (I should have walked out at this point, but I have a problem being confrontational). 
3) Old salon paid great attention to detail and gave a great hand massage at the end. New Salon threw on some lotion in less than 5 seconds and called it a day.
and lastly, 4) old salon cost 25 bucks for shellac, new salon cost 30 for a shitty rushed job with shoddy results. NOT going back.

Do you always go to the same hair or nail salon? Have you ever regretted switching?

In other news, I wore this this week. 
 Dress: Lucca Couture via Hautelook
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Loft (here - super sale online!)
Belt: F21
Necklace: Tiffany (here) & John Hardy charm from bracelet (here)

September 1, 2011

a quick Gap review

I got my white and black pairs of the Gap Cropped Legging Jean (here) a few days ago and have been itching to wear them, especially since it's almost labor day and all, and there are so-called rules about wearing white after it.
Outfit details
Top: F21
Pants: Gap Cropped Legging Jean (here) size 00R
Sandals: Unknown
Necklace: Kendra Scott (here) via Gilt
Bracelets: Movado, John Hardy, Unknown, Fossil

Length: The pants have a 27" inseam and I am 5'3" for reference. The pants are pretty short, but they are supposed to be a cropped jean on someone taller. I think on me these look ankle length. If I was 5'1" these would be the perfect length for a normal pant, but I don't hate that they are ankle length on me. 
Fit: They are pretty darn tight. Reviews said they ran tight, but I've always had problems with the "wasit gap" in Gap pants, so I ordered my normal size anyway. Although there is no waist gap on these pants, the thighs and calves are borderline too tight. Anyone bigger than me would not fit. 
Color: These are true white which is nice. The pants are fairly thick and you cannot see through them. Below you can see my attempt to capture what little see-through occurs on the front pockets, but it is really very slight. I wouldn't risk wearing regular underwear with these though. I stuck to a skin colored thong and I couldn't see it through the pants.
Overall, I am pleased with my order. Especially since I got two pairs of pants for $35. I'm sure in stores the prices are even cheaper! Next time, I would try to order a regular length style but in petite sizing if available.