September 30, 2011

Levi's Leather Jacket Review

I ordered this Levi's Asymmetrical Motorcycle Leather Jacket off Hautelook what seems like FOREVER ago (September 12). I'm very irked by their slow shipping times. I was really excited to get this jacket today, but unfortunately I'm not 100% sure that it hits the mark. I'd love your feedback about whether I should keep or return. Some things to keep in mind: Total cost with shipping $189 (7.95 shipping), shipping if I return it costs another $7.95. 

Here's how I would wear it as the jacket stands now (you'll notice the sleeves are all pushed up...):
And then things start to get weird...
The sleeves are super long! I mean, I should have known this since I'm "petite," but I just didnt expect them to be so long and so WIDE... The right picture shows the arm from the side.. Maybe it won't look so bad once I'm actually wearing layers underneath? After all, a leather jacket is supposed to keep you warm. I'm just wearing a tank top in these pics...
Left: Jacket from the back when unzipped, Right: Jacket from the back when zipped and sleeves up.

Likes: I'm happy with the color and the style of the jacket. I think the shoulders fit fine and when the jacket is zipped up it fits fine in the waist. The price was right, or at least I couldn't find anything in genuine leather for a comparable price. Please let me know if there are options that I'm missing! I really like how it is styled with the sleeves pushed up and the jacket open - I feel like a real rocker!
Dislikes: The sleeve length and width. I don't think I can take the jacket to a tailor because leather is so tricky. Plus, alterations would be extremely expensive (I am thinking, don't know for sure). 

Do you think this is worth holding onto for $190 bucks? Or should I return it and eat $16 just in shipping costs? Please let me know in the comments!


  1. Wrinkle In Time VintageOctober 1, 2011 at 4:18 AM

    I think for this jacket you could just roll the sleeves! It's gorgeous!

    -Laura xox

  2. Stunning look all around . . .

  3. Love the brown in you <3

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  7. looks good on you when the sleeve are pushed up

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