September 26, 2011

a little rant.

*EDIT* - I have done some internet searching and decided a TON of my comments are spam! I'm going through a lot of them right now and am reporting people that have spammed me. I also installed Disqus to try to help with the problems. Screw you guys for not leaving real comments! What has this blogging world come to? LAME.

I keep getting comments on this blog saying something to the effect of : "Thanks for your comment on my blog. Follow me and I'll follow you?"

There are several things that I don't understand about these comments:

1. I didn't comment on your blog. I hardly EVER comment on other people's blogs - I only do it if I truly have something to say or LOVE what the blogger is doing. Since I comment so rarely, I KNOW EXACTLY WHICH BLOGS I'VE COMMENTED ON, and NO, I haven't left a comment for you.

2. Why do all these people feel the need to beg for followers? I am a firm believer that if you produce great stuff, people will come (a little field of dreams reference there). Asking me to follow you makes me less inclined to check out your blog. I'd say I 100% check out every comment, and I 100% look at every blog and decide if it is something I want to read every day before following. I'm not just going to follow you and expect you follow me back to get street cred by having more followers or something.

3. Other comments telling me that you are following me. Listen - I dunno if you are familiar with blogger, but right there, at the top of my page when I log in, is a little gidget that tells me how many followers I have. I can see when it goes up, and I know that you aren't actually following me! What's up with lying?

I feel like "this" (fashion blogging) is becoming a popularity contest for some people. Newsflash - I am not one of those people (yet). I do it because I like my clothes (a LOT). I read other people's blogs because I like their clothes and I look to them for inspiration on how to style my own clothes.

I especially started blogging because of the fantabulous Petite Blogging Community. Unfortunately, I feel like I am being targeted by either spamming bloggers or for some reason a ton of international bloggers - not totally my demographic that I'm going for here but whatevs.

If you read this and are one of those people that left me a comment similar to above - please do not be offended. Just think about what you are doing and how weird and fake it seems. If you want me to follow you or comment on your blog, start with something simple and nice, a la "Love those shoes!" and you've got me sold!

To my followers and people who read my ish, I love ya to bits!


  1. Oh that drives me crazy too. I don't like it when people comment on my blog and then suggest that they'll follow me if I follow them. I think I would be more incline to support the other person if they actually enjoyed my blog and followed me not insist on "waiting" till I do. But all that aside Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your lovely comment and I hope you'll return again soon :)


  2. but I didn't stop by your blog or leave you a comment!

  3. agreed!! i get so many spam comments and "follow me and i'll follow you" - i hate those. actually, they kind of hurt my feelings because i feel like i put a lot of work into my blog and i'd appreciate it if they could at least leave something slightly relevant!

  4. you take amazing pictures!