September 19, 2011

TJ Maxx Runway Fitting Room Review

A TJ Maxx/Homegoods opened near me a few weeks ago and the best part is that it shares a shopping center with Guitar Center, so I can ALWAYS convince BF to come with me now :) They have a great selection in the Runway section and although I didn't pick up anything from my most recent trip I thought I'd share some petite-friendly items that caught my eye. 
 Top: Theory, P
Skirt: Unfortunately I completely forgot the name but it begins with an M and is size 38 European sizing
Top Likes: I loved the drapey style of this shirt and the neutral off-white/tan color. The fit was good in the shoulder and down the sides. I would love a shirt like this for work, it would go with all of my suits and would be great to mix and match.
Top Dislikes: Although the fit was good in some areas, you can see that in the back there was way too much extra material. The sleeves were much too long and I don't think they could be altered due to the shirt being silk. The shirt is way too see through - you can see my flowered bra through the shirt, lol. Although the shirt was silk, it honestly felt kind of like polyester. And for $99, I don't think it was worth it. 
Bottom Likes: The fit was amazing. I'm not a european size expert, but I thought a 38 would be too big for me in the waist. I picked up this size based on how it looked (which was very small) and it worked out well this time. The length was appropriate for work without being frumpy, I like my skirts to hit a little above the knee. Also the skirt wasnt too tight through the thigh, it left enough room between the skirt and my legs to be flattering and very office appropriate. I LOVED the pattern - you can't see it that well, but it was almost a crocodile or snake skin print which added interest to a plain black pencil skirt. 
Bottom Dislikes: although I didn't have many dislikes, I have to go with the price. For $59, I would have expected the skirt to be lined (it wasn't), and I expected it to be a better material. The skirt was labeled as a cotton/poly blend with silk lining, but since it wasn't lined, I have no idea where the silk was in the skirt.
 Top: Once again I can't remember. What's the point in doing reviews if you can't remember? Lol I guess I just liked the top enough. As you can see, the top was pretty generous in it's arm hole sizes. That ended up being the deal breaker for me there since the top was only $12.99. If only it was an inch smaller in the arm hole - I would have totally brought this home!
 Lastly I tried on these two Tibi Jackets, size 0. There were pros and cons to both of them, and I ended up not bringing home either because BF talked some sense into me: "where are you going to wear this?" "you just bought a leather jacket earlier this week" "we live in miami and this is a fall/winter coat" "it's 150 dollars!" yadda yadda yadda...
 Likes: I loved the color - a pretty deep blue/purple. The color is true to the picture. The fit was a good cropped jacket fit. The shoulders fit, the arms were 3/4 sleeve, and the length was good for petites. 
Dislikes: the sequins on the lapel and shoulders. Honestly, if this jacket had had the details from the below yellow jacket, I don't think anyone could have talked me out of buying it. It was just impractical for day to day wear with sequins.
Likes: Again, I loved the color. The color in the pictures is true to real life. The fit was the same as the blue jacket. I loved the detailing on the shoulders and lapel - it was much more appropriate for every-day wear. 
Dislikes: going with practicality, I wear much less yellow than I do blue, and the same reason I was drawn to the jacket (the vibrant yellow color) was the same reason I had to put it back on the rack. Transitioning into fall, I think a bright yellow is a much more spring and summer appropriate color. Also, the thickness of the jacket was a fall to winter weight material. Doesn't go well with living in a warm climate :(

 Above is a close up on the details. Honestly, if readers can convince me to go back and pick up one of them for $149.99, I would totally do it despite BF's wishes (heck, we don't share money, yet!) Let me know what you think! Otherwise, I hope this stuff is at your local TJ Maxx for you to try on!


  1. Do you know how lucky you are to have a runway section in your tj maxx?! They are only in like 10 in the country or something crazy like that. We have one & we are moving soon and I don't know what I am going to do without it, lol. I love all the things you found - especially the Tibi jackets - they look great on you!! :)

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  2. Oh my goodness I love those two jackets! Those colors are amazing!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  3. I'm loving the pencil cut skirt plus the sheer lacey blue top. :D Great stuff you got there. :)

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  4. WOW!

    First of all, loving your Tibi jackets!!! BEATUTIFUL!

    Second, thanks for stopping by! Love your blog - following you - stop back soon :-).


  5. HOLY SHIT those Tibi jackets are TO DIE FOR

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVe those tibi jackets! Both colors are absolutely STUNNING! I think the blue is my FAV!!!! And the trim on it is fab!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  7. Love the first look, super classy, and those two Tibi jackets are fab xx

  8. that tibi jacket is SO cool. I want


    xx Audrey

  9. it gets chilly down here! it hits 36 at night by december!!!

  10. Those Tibi jackets are great! I especially like the yellow one

  11. you have great legs! And i loove that Tibi jacket :)

  12. REally nice blog!!

  13. oh wow, great photos, those clothes look so amazing!

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