September 18, 2011

weekend glamour

I just received a recent Hautelook order of Danielle Stevens jewelry and was eager to wear some of it out this weekend. Friday night I had an event to go to at a local "upscale bowling alley." I had a blast bowling - and of course you can't beat having a tab paid for by the organization sponsoring the event! There were plenty of free drinks and food to go around for everyone :) 
 Top: Charlotte Russe (old)
Jeans: Forever 21 (here)
Shoes: Nine West (similar but not as bright)
Left Bracelet: Danielle Stevens (similar) via Hautelook
Right Bracelets: Tiffany (here), Unknown
 In the past, I've only worn these shoes with all black clothing. I knew they had potential to be paired with pretty much every color but didn't really have the courage to do it until now. 
I love these shoes! I remember when I bought them each pair was different. I luckily had several size 7's to pick from to find the arrangement of colors that I liked best.
I ordered this bracelet off Hautelook recently. I think it is wayyy too big for me, but I pushed it up onto my arm to make it more of an arm band than a cuff bracelet. Although I won't be wearing this every day, it will be nice to have a really striking statement bracelet to wear when I want to feel glamourous after work or on the weekends. 


  1. Oh my goodness, those shoes are gorgeous!! I love how you paired them with the orange!

  2. that bracelet and the shoes would make any outfit look glamourous! you look amazing! best dressed bowler!

  3. Cute folk top and My that cuff is stunning!

  4. Love your top and your bracelet!! It's awesome!!

  5. K LOVE that top. I wish it were more recent so I could go buy it haha and that bracelet looks fine, not too big or anything at all :)

    Lovely Little Rants

  6. those shoes are super cute!!

  7. i like your style, you looks so pretty. i will follow you ♥

  8. serious thumbs up on the shoes, lady.