October 17, 2011

everyday sequins

If you are a regular reader, you might remember that I contemplated buying a Tibi jacket that I came across at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago but ended up not taking the plunge because I felt the sequins were impractical for everyday wear. Well, I happened to stop in right before I headed home to CT, and I took it as a sign that this jacket was still available in size 0. I decided to buy it, and vowed to return some items that I bought recently (the blue/purple fringe vest was step 1, lol). 
Although this isn't a full fledged outfit post, I wanted to show how I wore this vest for "everyday." My parents have this tradition where they take pictures of me every fall in our front yard, and this was what I wore for the picture, and to go to Mohegan Sun casino after (I dabble in playing craps, fun fact about me lol). I also wore a similar version of this outfit to the mall this week, AND a more dressed up version out to NYC to see friends and go out for dinner and drinks. I am truly in love with this jacket and am happy I went back for it!
(Channeling Michael Jackson in this Tibi Jacket)
Sequin trim jacket: Tibi
Tee: no name Marshalls
Jeans: Forever 21
Boots (not pictured): Aldo 
Bracelet pictured: Forever 21
Dogs from Left to Right: Jasper (Pekingese), Wednesday (French Bulldog), Yoshi (Japanese Chin)
FYI Jasper and Yoshi just had serious hair cuts, so they don't really look like their typical breeds currently. I have no idea what type of camera my Mom uses, but I know it's fancy schmancy and it has to be some type of DSLR because look at the background on this photo below! Totally crisp and clear front image and blurred background... someday I will be able to do this, haha. 
A gratuitous shot of my puppy! 


  1. Linda!! I love your blog. Kisses from Brazil ~.~



  2. ooooh, your dogs are soooo cute!!!


  3. GREAT decision to grab the jacket. It's a keeper!!

  4. i love the dog sooooooooooooooo cute!
    Great outfit!


  5. love the jacket! the sequin detail is great :)


  6. your jacket is so pretty, love the sequins! And your dogs are all so cute :)

  7. looking great!
    XO Carmen,

  8. Your doggies are sooo cute! And I didn't read the tj maxx post but that place def has some supes good finds! :)
    Lovely Little Rants

  9. Just found your blog! This little puppy photo shoot is so cute and im really feeling the michael jackson jacket!
    :) Bobbi

  10. Love the blazer and the dogs are to die for adorable


  11. that first picture neeeeeds to be your facebook profile.

  12. How cuuuute! :)

    Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog and follow if you like :)


  13. I'm dog-obsessed so these pictures just made my day =)
    -Petite J.D.