October 28, 2011

just because

I didn't wear this outfit anywhere. I just was already wearing my white pants and navy blue tank and happened to be inside my closet when I said, "I feel like trying this outfit with my new jacket and my new shoes." I would totally wear this out to dinner or drinks. 

I have to tell you - I've had quite an ordeal with this jacket. Last I blogged, I said that I took the plunge and got the jacket for 150 bucks. Well, literally 5 days after I bought it and had worn it once, I was in TJ Maxx when I saw the jacket was on sale for 44 dollars! Thats a whopping 106 dollars LESS THAN I PAID FOR IT! I was half livid half giddy. I rushed home, found my receipt from the old jacket lying around, and brought it in for a price adjustment. Thankfully, the manager let it happen but she said "never again." Oh we'll see about that... 

Jacket: Tibi, 0
Tank: Old Navy, XS
Jeans: Gap, 00
Shoes: DSW

PS - I'm still on a quest for a nude leather (NOT PATENT) shoe with a mid to low heel and almond or round toe... please let me know if you see one somewhere!!!

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