November 30, 2011

Quest for Leather Jacket & Exams

I'm in the middle of studying for exams for the next 2 weeks. Law school really likes to drag exams out by spacing them out, which can be a good thing so you have enough time to study in between each exam, but let's face it - I'm like 4 months from being out of here and my brain is OVER IT (completely mush and I'm only on my 2nd exam tomorrow). So anyway, despite me being over exams already I've been wearing disgusting sweats and t-shirts every day so I'm not blog-worthy.

But for the time being, I decided to try this ASOS Leather Biker Jacket in Black. It should be here December 9 (just enough time for me to try it on before I head to CT for a month!) I've been eyeing it for a while now because it is only 181 dollars, and with ASOS's frequent sales it is one of the most affordable leather jackets I've seen.

Leather Jackets by Asos at ShopStyle
I used code RMNASOS20 today for 20% off full priced ASOS brand items, so the total came to $145. (I was actually eyeing this jacket a few days ago and had it in my cart when ASOS was having a 25% off ASOS sale - so I'm a little peeved I didn't save an extra 9 bucks).

This season I already bought a brown leather jacket and I love it, but I'm wanting a black one because I think black goes with everything, and I tend to be more of a black-wearing person than a brown-wearing person. I'm hoping that 1) the jacket has more fitted sleeves, both by my shoulders and through my bicep, and is more tapered at my wrist 2) that the sleeves are not an awkward length 3) that the waist of the jacket will fit semi-tight when the jacket zips up 4) that the jacket will not be "cropped" length 5) that the quality is good and the leather is soft.

With free shipping and returns, I'm willing to take the risk on this investment more so than through another retailer without the free shipping. I really hope it works out and will let you know about it when it arrives!

November 22, 2011

Pink Green Leopard

Two days before Thanksgiving and it's still 80+ outside. While I'm sure all over the country people are wearing camel, burgundy, forrest green, and rust, I'm here wearing hot pink and neon green to match the tropical weather. You might be jealous of me and the weather, but let me say I am definitely jealous of people in the north east this week with their 50-60 degree weather!
Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Sandals: Loft
Necklace: David Yurman
Bracelets: Unknown, John Hardy, Movado, Fossil

November 21, 2011

pastel & neon

Finals start for me on December 1, with Thanksgiving week/weekend serving as "reading week." I've always been bitter about this, because it makes us choose between studying or taking time off to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family. My 1L year I chose studying, and it paid off, but last year my parents came to me for Thanksgiving and cooked in my apartment and this year they are doing the same. Having my parents arcound is both a blessing and burden because they understand that I need to study and can't spend too much time with them, but I personally feel guilty if I don't spend time with them despite their assurances that they understand my need to study. Anyway, I have a paper due the 28th, my first exam December 1, 2nd exam the 7th, and last exam the 12th. I'm happy everything is spaced out decently well, but December 13th can't come soon enough (the day I fly home). I'm looking forward to winter, snow, skiing, and not having anything pressing to do for 4 whole weeks.

And now for something completely unrelated, today I went the pastel route with my outfit.
Blouse: H&M
Tank: H&M
Jeans: Abercrombie
Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita
Bracelets: Movado, Fossil, Unknown, John Hardy
Necklace: David Yurman

And this weekend my outfit was pretty neon: (I only snapped this picture before I went out, and I debated whether to put it on the blog but I've never worn this shirt and figured it was something different)
Neon tank: TJ Maxx
Jacket: Tibi (via TJ Maxx)
Black Pants: Gap
Glitter Shoes: Dollhouse
Necklace: Forever 21 (long but wrapped twice here)
Bracelets: Movado, John Hardy, Fossil, Etsy, Tiffany, Unknown

November 17, 2011


You ever have those outfits that just make you feel great? Today's outfit might be a little plain to some, but I sure felt put together and fabulous all day. I'm wearing two of my newest jewelry purchases from Forever 21 - a gunmetal curb chain long necklace and a gunmetal pyramid stretch bracelet. Both were purchased during the recent sale on jewelry (which NEVER happens, so I went a little crazy and got like 7 pieces of jewelry haha). I really felt sort of "rocker-chic" with these gunmetal pieces and my leopard shoes. If only I had a black leather jacket, that would have been the icing on the cake for sure. But the blazer was an OK stand in, and took the outfit from grunge to cute.

Blazer: H&M, 2
Tee: Pac Sun, S
Jeans: Abercrombie, 00R
Shoes: Wanted
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelets: Movado, John Hardy, Fossil, Forever 21
I like the necklace because it really has a substantial weight to it, and it's super shiny!
This pyramid bracelet is very on-trend, and it only cost approximately 3 bucks!
I have no problem spending money on trends, as long as it's not too much money! Forever 21 often fits the bill and I know going into my purchase that the items I buy will either not last an entire season or will go out of style sooner rather than later :)

A question for anyone skilled in photography - does anyone know why my pictures are showing up clear in photoshop but once I put them into blogger they come out grainy/blurry? I have no clue what's going on! Thanks in advance

November 9, 2011

why I heart LOFT

The first time I ever stepped foot into loft I found a plethora of suit separates in 00p that all fit and were all on serious sale. WERE TALKIN' $4.88 each! Now, I have to admit that was beginners luck because I have never had that happen to me again in my two years shopping at the store, but Loft definitely has regular bargains if you know where to find them. 

When I walk into Loft, I don't even look at the full priced merch. Nope. I immediately run (never walk) to the sale section and begin scouring for my size. Usually there is a 30%, 40% or even 50% extra off sale so I do the math as I pick out pieces that I want to try on. This method of shopping has proved both fruitful and fruitless, as I've found deals but I've also missed out on full price awesome things.

Enter the Loft Scuba Jacket in tan. I wanted a suit this color since FOREVAH and I loved the fabric on this one from loft. The problem was the pants that matched the jacket were UGLY. I didn't buy the full suit because I knew I would hate the pants, and I didn't buy the jacket alone because I made myself stick by a rule that I will never purchase a blazer that didn't have a matching bottom.

Alas, I lost out on the blazer in my size... but months later I came across the same blazer in size 0 regular for 14 dolla! That's like, super cheap! I had/have plans to get it tailored - either taking in the back or moving the button so it fits tighter, and also getting the sleeves slimmed if its feasible. But for now, I'm pretty happy with the sleeve length and the length of the jacket as a whole. 

Jacket: Loft, 0
Sweater: Gap, XS
Jeans: Gap, 25
Shoes: Miss Me via
Necklace: unknown
Bracelets/Watches: Movado, John Hardy, Fossil, Etsy
Ring: Forever 21 ($1.50 !)

November 8, 2011

a hilariously awful asos review

I'm actually kind of glad neither of these items worked out for the sake of my wallet, but I wanted to show you what to expect if you ordered/plan to order either of these items off of Asos for the winter season. 

First up, the Asos Faux Fur Snood: I found it to be gigantic and of no purpose for me. I tried to make it work as a collar on this H&M pea coat, but it just looked odd to me. Totally impractical In My Opinion, both for warmer climates (I will never get use out of this in Miami) and in colder climates (I am going home to CT again for a month in December/January and I honestly cannot think of how I would use this). Return, fo sho!

Next, Asos Faux Fox Fur Jacket size 2: This was completely an impulse buy during Asos's 50% off select coats sale, because I'm having a current "fur moment" as Rachel Zoe would say. Well, I didn't "die" as she also would say when I saw the jacket in person, although I'm not sure what I was thinking when I saw the picture online either. 
 For starters, I look like a linebacker. Asos has successfully taken a 100 lb girl and made her look close to 150 or 200. The fur is much too bulky for my petite frame. However, I will say the sleeve length hit at a nice point, right at the break of my wrist, and the overall length of the jacket was petite friendly hitting right above my bum. The lining was pretty as you can see on the right picture, and the fur was WARM, making it cold-weather appropriate. The fur's tips were red and the underlayers were grey, making the color change in certain lighting and making it more interesting than a 1 color coat - probably more realistic too, but I don't really know what fox fur is supposed to look like. 
The left picture shows that when the clasps are put together, the seam on the front was completely crooked! I had already decided to return the jacket at this point, but this just shows the shoddy craftmanship. I even took several more pictures to ensure that it was really the seaming that was off and not because I was standing at an odd angle. The right picture just shows the jacket from the back, showing how bulky it is and how long it is. For reference I am 5'3". Verdict: definite return.

Outfit information
Shirt: Forever 21 tank
Bottom: Gap black cropped legging jean
Shoes: Wanted Carlton Leopard Loafer

November 6, 2011

there's a first for everything

Today marked my first bridal shower ever. The dress was casual and I had no idea what that meant so I wore some black jeans from Gap, a flowy button down from H&M, and my new sparkly loafersd just in case I needed to feel more dressed up for the occasion. I'm exhausted after a combined 2 hours of driving and several mimosas in the middle of the afternoon, lol. NAP TIME :)
Shirt: H&M, 2
Jeans: Gap cropped legging jean in 00
Shoes: Dollhouse Deanz 
Necklace: David Yurman

November 5, 2011

IRL Super Cheap Shoe Review

Just a quick post to show you pics of some shoes I got off of and I will mention that my order was stolen off my doorstep! Thankfully, endless customer service is fantastic and they were understanding and re-shipped everything 1-day shipping through Fedex instead of UPS. Even better, I saved 20% through the friends and family sale on endless, and i got an extra 13.5% cash back through Big Crumbs! The shoes were seriously cheaper than most payless shoes I've ever seen, but 100 times more stylish.

1. DV by Dolce Vita Koko Loafer in Natural -, $30.60
To me these looked as pictured on the website. I already wore them to work yesterday and my left heel bled :( . However,  I have high hopes that they will conform to my feet after a few wears. Plus, pain for pleasure, right? I absolutely love the neutral snake print.
 2. Madeline Balli Flat in New Bronze -, $18 after sale
These feel kind of plastic-y, and are made of polyurthane and rubber, but I don't think they necessarily look cheap. I love the cap toe design and the brown checks help to make the shoe interesting without being too busy for work. I am leaning on the side of keeping them because I need a semi-plain dark brown flat. I ordered these in 7.5 and they fit my usually-size-7 feet. Reviews on the site said they run large but I disagree, because if they ran large they would have been falling off my feet when I walk.

 3. Wanted Galaxy Flat in Pink -, $17.60 after sale
I wanted these to be more of a baby pink, but they are really just regular pink. Besides not looking exactly as I hoped, the construction felt too flimsy and not structured enough, and do you see the gigantic gaps around my toe-bed and sides of my feet? The shoes weren't too big length wise but they definitely run wide. And because of the flimsy construction I feel like they will continue to get wider. I'm going to return.
 4. Wanted Carlton Loafer in Leopard -, $39.99 after sale
The pattern was what I expected, and the style of the shoe itself looked like the pictures online, but the fur/hair/whatever really threw me for a loop. I think the fur makes them look more like slippers than what I'm looking for. The fit was slightly large on me in size 7. The shoes were slightly too long and slightly wide as you can see from the gap in the picture below. I really was hoping to like these (and I do like the pattern and style of the shoe) but I might need some convincing to keep them. Do you think they look too much like slippers for every-day shoes? Please let me know
 5. Miss Me Mooz in Taupe -, $24 after sales
These are by far my favorite purchase. I love the snake skin cap toe and the color of brown is exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't necessarily looking for something that matched my skin (which it obviously doesn't!) but someone who is tanner than me this would look very cool against their skintone. The fit was great in the width and length but if I had to nitpick there is a little extra space near my toebox that you can see in the picture. This shoe also comes in black, white and peach and I'm contemplating getting at least one of those :)
 6. Dollhouse Deanz in Pewter -, $17.50 after sale
IMO these look better in real life than the pictures online. The sparkles are so fun, and it is a darker silver than the online pictures would have you believe. The fit was great in a 6.5, but I can't say whether they fit TTS because I'm usually a 7, and all the 7's I ordered were like a fine fit if not too large. Maybe I'm actually a 6.5? Either way, these fit the tightest of all the shoes I got, but were also the smallest I ordered. I was worried about the sparkles falling off but I did a little field test where I rubbed the shoes together (because I don't know about you, but my feet rub all the time when I walk/sit, lol) and nothing really came off that was noticeable.

November 4, 2011

fake out

The weather is finally getting a litttttle bit colder here, especially the mornings and evenings. I was really excited the other day because it seemed cold enough to wear my leather jacket. Key word in that sentence is "seemed" - I got dressed and took my dog out and realized the weather went from 75 ish to 85 ish in no time and 85 and leather doesn't feel nice, in fact it feels pretty sweaty. I had to substitute out the jacket for uh, nothing, and carried a cardigan with me for cold classrooms.
Leather Jacket: Levi's 
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Abercrombie
Shoes: Loft
Necklace: Francesca's

November 1, 2011

my bad

I've been really bad at refraining from shopping the last week or so. I already regret some of my purchases, but it was free shipping and free returns so I already know I won't have trouble returning. Check out some of the great deals I found so far:

On Sunday, ASOS had a 50% off coat and winter accessories sale. It wasn't all inclusive (as I would have totally purchased a black leather jacket I had been eyeing!) but there were some cute items at reasonable prices.

I am super into the onslaught of fur and faux fur this winter! I've always found fur to be luxurious looking and I'm glad it's making a comeback. I picked up this ASOS Faux Fox Fur Coat for $67 during the sale, but now it is up to $100 online. I probably will return this (as during my last trip home to CT I found my grandmother's real mink fur coat in the basement in fantastic condition, and I found a most-likely-real fur coat at goodwill for $13 in even better condition).

Coats by Asos at ShopStyle

I also picked up this faux fur snood from ASOS during the 50% off sale. It was $13 during the sale but is now up to $20 online. I think it will make a great addition to my wardrobe as a scarf/collar combo, but is it practical for me when it is November 1 yet it is still 80 degrees outside? Might have to return it.

Scarves & Wraps by Asos at ShopStyle

I also went shoe CRAZY. I saw these DV by Dolce Vita adorable snakeskin loafers during a Hautelook sale a few weeks or months back, and regretted that I didn't purchase them for $25. However, I absolutely loath Hautelook's shipping (both cost and time to ship), and I was ecstatic when I saw these exact shoes for $30 on Amazon with free Prime shipping (gotta love the free Prime access for 6 months with a student email address!). It also didn't hurt that I saw Jen wearing the same shoes in a post, and I loved the In Real Life pictures. 

Flats at Bloomingdale's at ShopStyle

Then, I heard from Cher today that has yet another Family and Friends sale for 20% off your order with code "NOVEVENT." I have been looking for a pair of flats in dark brown or taupe for a while. I wanted something a little plain, easy to wear to work, but not "boring." I think the code only works for over $100 in purchases, so I went a little crazy (as most of the flats I liked were like, $20 each) so I ended up with 5 pairs of shoes for $117 and free 2-day shipping. 

First, the craziest flat I purchased, the Dollhouse Deanz Ballet Flat in Pewter

Shoes & Boots by Dollhouse at ShopStyle
Those look like mini sparkles to me. Definitely fun, but likely impractical! I will return if I sense that the sparkles will fall off as I walk.

Next, the trendiest flat I purchased, the Wanted Carlton Loafer in Leopard.

Flats by Wanted at ShopStyle
I will return if the "hair" on these seems poorly attached or likely to rub off.

My favorite shoe which I hope fits!!! The Miss Me Mooz Flat in Taupe
Teen Girls' Clothes by Miss Me at ShopStyle
That shoe will hopefully satisfy my light brown shoe need.

I really hope I don't keep everything!!!