November 8, 2011

a hilariously awful asos review

I'm actually kind of glad neither of these items worked out for the sake of my wallet, but I wanted to show you what to expect if you ordered/plan to order either of these items off of Asos for the winter season. 

First up, the Asos Faux Fur Snood: I found it to be gigantic and of no purpose for me. I tried to make it work as a collar on this H&M pea coat, but it just looked odd to me. Totally impractical In My Opinion, both for warmer climates (I will never get use out of this in Miami) and in colder climates (I am going home to CT again for a month in December/January and I honestly cannot think of how I would use this). Return, fo sho!

Next, Asos Faux Fox Fur Jacket size 2: This was completely an impulse buy during Asos's 50% off select coats sale, because I'm having a current "fur moment" as Rachel Zoe would say. Well, I didn't "die" as she also would say when I saw the jacket in person, although I'm not sure what I was thinking when I saw the picture online either. 
 For starters, I look like a linebacker. Asos has successfully taken a 100 lb girl and made her look close to 150 or 200. The fur is much too bulky for my petite frame. However, I will say the sleeve length hit at a nice point, right at the break of my wrist, and the overall length of the jacket was petite friendly hitting right above my bum. The lining was pretty as you can see on the right picture, and the fur was WARM, making it cold-weather appropriate. The fur's tips were red and the underlayers were grey, making the color change in certain lighting and making it more interesting than a 1 color coat - probably more realistic too, but I don't really know what fox fur is supposed to look like. 
The left picture shows that when the clasps are put together, the seam on the front was completely crooked! I had already decided to return the jacket at this point, but this just shows the shoddy craftmanship. I even took several more pictures to ensure that it was really the seaming that was off and not because I was standing at an odd angle. The right picture just shows the jacket from the back, showing how bulky it is and how long it is. For reference I am 5'3". Verdict: definite return.

Outfit information
Shirt: Forever 21 tank
Bottom: Gap black cropped legging jean
Shoes: Wanted Carlton Leopard Loafer

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  1. I've never ordered from Asos but I've always been curious, so it was great to read your review. I've just found your blog and am now following. Stop by and check mine out if you're bored.