November 5, 2011

IRL Super Cheap Shoe Review

Just a quick post to show you pics of some shoes I got off of and I will mention that my order was stolen off my doorstep! Thankfully, endless customer service is fantastic and they were understanding and re-shipped everything 1-day shipping through Fedex instead of UPS. Even better, I saved 20% through the friends and family sale on endless, and i got an extra 13.5% cash back through Big Crumbs! The shoes were seriously cheaper than most payless shoes I've ever seen, but 100 times more stylish.

1. DV by Dolce Vita Koko Loafer in Natural -, $30.60
To me these looked as pictured on the website. I already wore them to work yesterday and my left heel bled :( . However,  I have high hopes that they will conform to my feet after a few wears. Plus, pain for pleasure, right? I absolutely love the neutral snake print.
 2. Madeline Balli Flat in New Bronze -, $18 after sale
These feel kind of plastic-y, and are made of polyurthane and rubber, but I don't think they necessarily look cheap. I love the cap toe design and the brown checks help to make the shoe interesting without being too busy for work. I am leaning on the side of keeping them because I need a semi-plain dark brown flat. I ordered these in 7.5 and they fit my usually-size-7 feet. Reviews on the site said they run large but I disagree, because if they ran large they would have been falling off my feet when I walk.

 3. Wanted Galaxy Flat in Pink -, $17.60 after sale
I wanted these to be more of a baby pink, but they are really just regular pink. Besides not looking exactly as I hoped, the construction felt too flimsy and not structured enough, and do you see the gigantic gaps around my toe-bed and sides of my feet? The shoes weren't too big length wise but they definitely run wide. And because of the flimsy construction I feel like they will continue to get wider. I'm going to return.
 4. Wanted Carlton Loafer in Leopard -, $39.99 after sale
The pattern was what I expected, and the style of the shoe itself looked like the pictures online, but the fur/hair/whatever really threw me for a loop. I think the fur makes them look more like slippers than what I'm looking for. The fit was slightly large on me in size 7. The shoes were slightly too long and slightly wide as you can see from the gap in the picture below. I really was hoping to like these (and I do like the pattern and style of the shoe) but I might need some convincing to keep them. Do you think they look too much like slippers for every-day shoes? Please let me know
 5. Miss Me Mooz in Taupe -, $24 after sales
These are by far my favorite purchase. I love the snake skin cap toe and the color of brown is exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't necessarily looking for something that matched my skin (which it obviously doesn't!) but someone who is tanner than me this would look very cool against their skintone. The fit was great in the width and length but if I had to nitpick there is a little extra space near my toebox that you can see in the picture. This shoe also comes in black, white and peach and I'm contemplating getting at least one of those :)
 6. Dollhouse Deanz in Pewter -, $17.50 after sale
IMO these look better in real life than the pictures online. The sparkles are so fun, and it is a darker silver than the online pictures would have you believe. The fit was great in a 6.5, but I can't say whether they fit TTS because I'm usually a 7, and all the 7's I ordered were like a fine fit if not too large. Maybe I'm actually a 6.5? Either way, these fit the tightest of all the shoes I got, but were also the smallest I ordered. I was worried about the sparkles falling off but I did a little field test where I rubbed the shoes together (because I don't know about you, but my feet rub all the time when I walk/sit, lol) and nothing really came off that was noticeable.

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