November 1, 2011

my bad

I've been really bad at refraining from shopping the last week or so. I already regret some of my purchases, but it was free shipping and free returns so I already know I won't have trouble returning. Check out some of the great deals I found so far:

On Sunday, ASOS had a 50% off coat and winter accessories sale. It wasn't all inclusive (as I would have totally purchased a black leather jacket I had been eyeing!) but there were some cute items at reasonable prices.

I am super into the onslaught of fur and faux fur this winter! I've always found fur to be luxurious looking and I'm glad it's making a comeback. I picked up this ASOS Faux Fox Fur Coat for $67 during the sale, but now it is up to $100 online. I probably will return this (as during my last trip home to CT I found my grandmother's real mink fur coat in the basement in fantastic condition, and I found a most-likely-real fur coat at goodwill for $13 in even better condition).

Coats by Asos at ShopStyle

I also picked up this faux fur snood from ASOS during the 50% off sale. It was $13 during the sale but is now up to $20 online. I think it will make a great addition to my wardrobe as a scarf/collar combo, but is it practical for me when it is November 1 yet it is still 80 degrees outside? Might have to return it.

Scarves & Wraps by Asos at ShopStyle

I also went shoe CRAZY. I saw these DV by Dolce Vita adorable snakeskin loafers during a Hautelook sale a few weeks or months back, and regretted that I didn't purchase them for $25. However, I absolutely loath Hautelook's shipping (both cost and time to ship), and I was ecstatic when I saw these exact shoes for $30 on Amazon with free Prime shipping (gotta love the free Prime access for 6 months with a student email address!). It also didn't hurt that I saw Jen wearing the same shoes in a post, and I loved the In Real Life pictures. 

Flats at Bloomingdale's at ShopStyle

Then, I heard from Cher today that has yet another Family and Friends sale for 20% off your order with code "NOVEVENT." I have been looking for a pair of flats in dark brown or taupe for a while. I wanted something a little plain, easy to wear to work, but not "boring." I think the code only works for over $100 in purchases, so I went a little crazy (as most of the flats I liked were like, $20 each) so I ended up with 5 pairs of shoes for $117 and free 2-day shipping. 

First, the craziest flat I purchased, the Dollhouse Deanz Ballet Flat in Pewter

Shoes & Boots by Dollhouse at ShopStyle
Those look like mini sparkles to me. Definitely fun, but likely impractical! I will return if I sense that the sparkles will fall off as I walk.

Next, the trendiest flat I purchased, the Wanted Carlton Loafer in Leopard.

Flats by Wanted at ShopStyle
I will return if the "hair" on these seems poorly attached or likely to rub off.

My favorite shoe which I hope fits!!! The Miss Me Mooz Flat in Taupe
Teen Girls' Clothes by Miss Me at ShopStyle
That shoe will hopefully satisfy my light brown shoe need.

I really hope I don't keep everything!!!

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  1. I really love the last pair of shoes. I think I may order them myself :)