November 30, 2011

Quest for Leather Jacket & Exams

I'm in the middle of studying for exams for the next 2 weeks. Law school really likes to drag exams out by spacing them out, which can be a good thing so you have enough time to study in between each exam, but let's face it - I'm like 4 months from being out of here and my brain is OVER IT (completely mush and I'm only on my 2nd exam tomorrow). So anyway, despite me being over exams already I've been wearing disgusting sweats and t-shirts every day so I'm not blog-worthy.

But for the time being, I decided to try this ASOS Leather Biker Jacket in Black. It should be here December 9 (just enough time for me to try it on before I head to CT for a month!) I've been eyeing it for a while now because it is only 181 dollars, and with ASOS's frequent sales it is one of the most affordable leather jackets I've seen.

Leather Jackets by Asos at ShopStyle
I used code RMNASOS20 today for 20% off full priced ASOS brand items, so the total came to $145. (I was actually eyeing this jacket a few days ago and had it in my cart when ASOS was having a 25% off ASOS sale - so I'm a little peeved I didn't save an extra 9 bucks).

This season I already bought a brown leather jacket and I love it, but I'm wanting a black one because I think black goes with everything, and I tend to be more of a black-wearing person than a brown-wearing person. I'm hoping that 1) the jacket has more fitted sleeves, both by my shoulders and through my bicep, and is more tapered at my wrist 2) that the sleeves are not an awkward length 3) that the waist of the jacket will fit semi-tight when the jacket zips up 4) that the jacket will not be "cropped" length 5) that the quality is good and the leather is soft.

With free shipping and returns, I'm willing to take the risk on this investment more so than through another retailer without the free shipping. I really hope it works out and will let you know about it when it arrives!

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