December 1, 2011

Forever 21 In-store Finds

I decided to kill an hour after my exam today by returning this horridly-fitting jacket to Forever 21 before I wasn't allowed to return it any more. Forever 21 has one of the worst exchange/return policies I've ever seen, but they just keep sucking money out of me! They had, in my opinion, an excellent selection of outerwear and sweater options today. I brought home 3 things but could have at least brought home 5, and there was another jacket I am completely enamored with that they didn't have in store in size Small that I might have to order online.. But then if I order it, it was only like 28 bucks so I need to spend another 22 to get the free shipping! UGH the perpetual cycle of Forever 21! I order online, I don't like something so I go in-store to return it, knowing that I can only get store credit, I find too many things that I like so I end up using my credit plus spending more money, and it all starts all over again! Somebody stop me! (get "The Mask" reference there? lol). But I digress..

Here is what I wore: (left: almost wore; right, did wear)
Fur Vest: J.Lo by Kohls
Leather Jacket: Levi's
Tee: Pac Sun
Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Bakers
Orange Horn Necklace: Forever 21
Heart Necklace: David Yurman

I don't know about you but when I go shopping I tend to gravitate towards things that go well with what I'm already wearing. Forever 21 had some really cute things that I ended up not getting, most likely because I couldn't envision them being worn with this outfit. I'll show you what I did get, and I'll post some of the things that I really liked but didn't get in case anyone is interested in ordering online. 
 Left: Forever 21 Draped Open Vest, Small (it has pockets!)
Right: Forever 21 Belted Knit Cable Cardigan, Small (yeah, I kind of look pregnant here but I liked the colors and it is versatile in that it can be worn open as well)

Anyway, in the last few weeks I've tried on probably 6 different faux leather jackets from F21 and there were problems with all of them. Some didn't fit, some looked bad, some the style looked good but the material felt and looked like a rain coat, etc. However, I finally made a purchase today:

This jacket felt very soft, had a great style (IMO), and I loved the buttery cream color. I cannot find it anywhere online, but the label is "Daisy" - it doesn't say anything about Forever 21 inside except on the paper price tag. The tag says "" which makes me think maybe email this person? Also, the # from the barcode is 11408802032 if that helps! I will say that this was the most expensive thing I've ever bought from F21 EVER at 37.50, but I do love it and can't wait to wear it! 

As far as fit goes, the sleeves were about a half inch to an inch too long, and the elbow pads (seen bottom right picture) fell about a half inch off my actual elbow. The jacket is light weight (perfect for Miami but maybe not the best for warmth). When zippered up, the jacket fits me well in the waist with only a little bit of room to layer a light sweater underneath. 

OK - I also wanted to show you a few things that I really loved in-store!
Jackets by Forever 21 at ShopStyle

This jacket just looked so Chanel-esque to me, I just had to try it on. But with the sequins on it I just couldn't see myself wearing it for anything other than a night-time party, so I didn't purchase it. The sleeves on the model show as bracelet length but on me (5'3") the sleeves hit right at my wrist.

Forever 21 Confetti Trim Jacket

Jackets by Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Next, this jacket reminded me of my Tibi jacket, but in Yellow (the one that I passed up a while ago). It was so cute but they didn't have it in size Small in-store.

Forever 21 Structured Career Jacket

Finally, as I was taking pictures Wednesday lay down in the sun and I thought she just looked too adorable :)

Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

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  1. Nice looks! And cute dog!