December 15, 2011

found again fashion: sequin dress

I totally and completely forgot about this dress until I found it where I keep my sweatpants and t-shirts for bed. I literally "squee-ed" with delight when I saw the sequins! I bought this dress for somebody's 13th birthday party - YES this dress is 12 years old and still fits me! I honestly wish I had a picture of me in the dress when I was 13 because it must have been swimming on me for it to fit almost-tight today. 

Anyway, one of the straps is broken and it won't stay up as a strapless, but I see potential for this dress as possibly a NYE dress (or a clubbing dress for Miami, lol). I am considering somehow making this dress into a strapless dress, or finding new straps. I also think it looks better with the belt, it kind of breaks up the sequins and possibly even adds a touch of class to a totally trash-tastic dress? And honestly.. this dress is actually longer than the other NYE options that I brought home with me. Yay for modesty?

Dress: Formula X from possibly Windsor circa 2000. 


  1. That's a great dress and WOW you can still fit in it after all of these years! THAT is SUPER IMPRESSIVE! WTG girl! :D

  2. haha, you neeeeed to bring this back to miami.

  3. LOL! There's always about sequin dresses that makes you want to get it. I think you look great in it and if you can still wear it and pull it off...go for it! =)