December 4, 2011

Navy & Chartreuse

I put considerably more thought and effort into what I'm wearing when I'm studying at the library as opposed to studying in the confines of my apartment. I think the necklace really makes this outfit. I picked it up during a Forever 21 20 or 30% off all jewelry sale (which never happens). I was trying to get some more color into my jewelry, and I think this yellow-y/green color did the trick. I can't wait to wear it with some burnt oranges and reds. And I think it will look great with bright purple. Actually, I really can't think of a color that it wouldn't go with!
Cardigan: Target
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Abercrombie
Shoes: Loft
Necklace: Forever 21
(side note: you might notice I haven't worn bracelets in a ton of my most recent outfit posts - that is because since finals started I've been using my computer to study in the library, and the clanking of my bracelets against the metal keyboard is not only distracting to myself, but probably rude considering other people are trying to study. I can't wait to put them back on! I feel naked)


  1. so true... this is the first finals period where lawrence and I really just stayed together the whole time and haven't left the apartment and we both just look like hilarious, tragic messes.

  2. I have a sweater similar to that. I've been wearing it with black, but I love your blue better. It's much softer. You have inspired me! HAHAHA Now I have to find a navy top. Excellent look.