December 26, 2011

purple, green, brown

I decided to cave and wear some of my christmas "gifts" already (the quotations are necessary because I picked out everything myself, lol, literally nothing was a surprise but that's OK with me!). I decided to pair a new sweater with a new scarf. I love the color combination of purple and green, and the belt added an extra bit of saturation while also holding the scarf in place. Most of my winter jackets are housed in CT while I live in Miami purely because of the lack of necessity in the warm climate. I used to love this camel coat but now I realize there are many things that could be better about its fit and functionality. I believe the coat is a Gap 0. While the sleeves hit me where I like them to hit, the overall fit is very boxy, with no definition at the waist. The pockets are hard to put my hands into because of the flaps, and because of the positioning on the front of the jacket it is an awkward place for me to hold my hands. Furthermore, the jacket lacks buttons and the clasps (what do you call those things??) come undone when I sit down. What I'm trying to say is: I think I'm in the market for a new camel coat!
Coat: Gap
Sweater: Gap
Shirt: Pac Sun
Jeans: Abercrombie
Boots: Ugg
Scarf: Cynthia Rowley
Belt: Forever 21
Boy, has my hair gotten long! Technically it's waist level, isnt it? I'm due for a haircut, but before I do I need to curl my hair at least a few times. The whole point of me growing long hair was to have more hair to do different "do"s with, and my favorite look is loose waves/curls.. maybe new years? Definitely new years. 

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