January 19, 2012

ann taylor and zara sale shoes

Well, I'm back in Miami! It's been 80 degrees every day since I've been back, and I haven't had a chance to wear any of my boots or jackets that I've been missing SO BADLY for the past month while in Connecticut! And to make matters worse, I visited my local Zara the other day to find that a great Sale was going on, and I ended up purchasing boots and a jacket from the sale which I am dying to wear but the heat is just not letting me wear them!

I purchased the Kamela Lizard Stamped Pump from Ann Taylor for ~ $77 in both black and brown from the 40% off sale. I got the brown in a 7 and the black in a 7.5 to try different sizes. I had no intention of keeping either pair of shoe for $77, but THEN Ann Taylor just had the nerve to have a 60% off sale a day after I purchased the shoes, so I re-purchased the brown in 7 for only $56. Unfortunately, the brown in 7 are very narrow and feel small. I did try them on at the end of the day (when feet are supposed to be more swollen) so I will give them a try in the morning when my feet have had a time to rest. The 7.5 in black (shown below) are very comfortable and they fit me much better than the 7 right now. But since they were sold out of the 7.5 during the 60% off sale, I'm not sure if I can bear to keep these for $77 :( 

Next I bought these Zara Two Tone Heeled Boots in-store for $79.99. They are sold out online but if you can find them in store they should be marked down to $59.99.  I know this is cheap of me, but I have honestly only paid over $50 for shoes once or twice since I've been making my own money, so I'm not sure if I can justify keeping these very trendy shoes that might go out of style quickly. I do love the two-tone, especially the combination of camel and black (and suede and matte leather). I liked that the shoes are real cow leather and not pleather, and I like that these have a chunky heel which makes them easier to walk in, but I decided to bring them home and "contemplate the purchase" for a few days before I make my decision whether to keep them or not. 
As always, any suggestions or comments are appreciated as to whether I should keep these items! 

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  1. super cute. The boots remind me of these two tone tights from chanel a few years back