January 21, 2012

ann taylor in-store deals

I wanted to let everyone know about the pricing of some items in-store because I was wowed by some of the deals I found today, and hopefully you can take advantage of the discounts too.
Blazers by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle
Mid-length Skirts by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

I purchased a full suit for approximately ~$130! The Moulinee Tweed Jacket is marked down to approximately $150 in stores plus the extra %40 off bringing the jacket to $90. I fit into a 0P which is generally unheard of! I also purchased the matching Moulinee Tweed A-Line skirt which was marked to $69.99 in stores plus the extra 40% off making the skirt $42. I originally purchased the skirt online in 00 regular, but it was swimming on me. I didn't think the 0P skirt would fit but I tried it on in-store anyway and it was smaller than the 00R! I know a 00P would fit me perfectly but the chances of finding that are slim to none because I already tried to order a 00P from another store and the order was cancelled. I plan to hopefully slim the sides of this skirt making it fit better but also form it into a pencil rather than A-line skirt.

Evening Shoes by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

My particular Ann Taylor had some shoes sparsely located throughout the store. I happened to see the Kamela Lizard Stamped Leather Wedges in size 7 and grabbed them thinking I could exchange them for the 7.5's that I ordered online. (in my previous post I thought the 7.5 fit better than the 7 but I changed my mind once I noticed my feet were uncontrollably slipping out of the 7.5's - I'd rather shoes be tight and form to my feet than too loose). When I went up to the counter to pay, I intended for them to hold the shoes for me so I could bring in my shoes from online and make an exchange, but the woman assured me that the shoes were on sale - and they were SURE ON SALE! The shoes came to $46 after the extra 40% off! Online they will come to about $77 after the 40% off! Check your stores for this deal!

Finally, before I checked out I looked at the jewelry. There were so many beautiful pieces on sale that I wanted to buy, but I limited myself to the following 3 - I might have to make another stop at the jewelry section when I go back to Ann Taylor tomorrow to return the rest of my online order :)
I can't find any of these pieces online, but check your local stores. The top necklace was marked to $30 plus 40% off, the left bracelet was $20 with 40% off, and the right bracelet was $50 with 40% off. 

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