January 25, 2012

day to night

I've been super busy last week into this week. The new (and final) semester started last week but I had to jump right in at a new internship. I'm currently juggling 3 classes, working 3 days a week downtown and 1 day a week at a firm. I've actually liked some of my work outfits the past couple days but I've literally had 10 minutes home before I had to rush to class so I didn't bother taking pictures. Today I had a whopping 15 minutes so I snuck in some pictures before I headed off to class, and I decided to show you a "day to night" look. Or in my case "work to class" because class happens to be at night. 
Blouse: Loft, XSP
Blazer: Theory, 00
Belt & Skirt: Ann Taylor, 00P
Shoes: Ann Taylor Water Snake Perfect Kitten Heels
Jewelry: Tiffany, John Hardy, Unknown
This was my first time wearing these shoes and MY LAWD they are comfortable. I have to walk approximately a mile to work between walking from my apartment to the Metro and from the Metro to my office, and my feet were surprisingly OK all day. For my night-time look, I kept the blouse and jewelry the same, and just threw on some jeans, a leather jacket, different shoes, and took my hair down. I'm loving the look of leather with feminine pieces, and this look of lace and leather is no exception. 
Leather Jacket: Asos
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Unlisted via TJ Maxx

Thank you for reading! I just hit a little over 10,000 page views!

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