January 13, 2012

found again fashion: seersucker blazer and white pumps

My parents found out that they are relocating to the Maryland/DC metro area soon and with that in mind I took some time during this vacation to clean out my childhood room and purge my closet. In the middle of that task, I found this thrifted seersucker blazer that I purchased over 7 years ago. It never fit (it's a size 8 according to the tag) but I bought it for a camp dance theme (I worked at a tennis camp my senior year of high school and two summers of college). I've kept it despite the ill fit because I love the print and I think some day it could be tailored. The shoulders actually fit pretty well, it is just the body that is too bulky.

I also found some pointed toe white pumps that had scuffs all over them. I decided to try a little DIY project, turning the pumps into glitter pumps using Martha Stewart all purpose glitter paint that I got at Michaels. I still don't LOVE the pumps (not a fan of the pointed toe or the coverage of the paint), but they are much more likely to be worn now than they were in their white/scuffed state. I put at least 7 coats (I lost count) of paint on the shoes and they still are not fully covered with glitter. I think if I bring them back to Miami I might try adding some loose glitter with mod podge instead of glitter paint as the last layer.

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