January 30, 2012

leather & dress

Continuing with my love of leather mixed with femininity, I decided to wear this out to lunch with my friend at our favvvvorite place - Panera. Panera is seriously underrated by restauranteurs and Zagat, lol. I mean, the pick-two option alone makes me come back again and again because of the CHOICES! Who doesn't love choices when it comes to delicious food? But I digress. The outfit - A target floral dress scored for less than 10 dollars on clearance, mixed with grey and black "edgy" accessories = fun in my book. However, I will say the choice of shoes was poor on my part. Petite girls gotta watch those ankle straps because they can cut off your leg and make you look shorter than you are. Not only is the short-factor an issue, but I also think they kind of produce a cankle, which is flattering on no one. I will stick to wearing these with pants from now on - or super short mini skirts to ensure that the maximum amount of leg is shown. In other news, I finally purchased my christmas gift this past Thursday - a new camera. So we will see how I progress in picture taking. I'm also expecting a tripod in the mail today!
Dress: Target, XS
Jacket: Asos, 2
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Target (old)
Jewelry: Tiffany, John Hardy, gifts