January 30, 2012


I'm wearing this outfit to work tomorrow - the skirt just came in the mail today from Ann Taylor. I was finally able to track down a 00P in the skirt and I am so happy that I didn't settle for the 00R or the 0P because this one fits perfectly. The jacket is surprisingly a 0P (I have never fit into anything other than 00 before) so people smaller than me can hope to fit into the 00P. The entire suit keeps popping up in small sizes online here and there, so if you are interested check the website. And today Ann Taylor is offering an extra 60% off sale items, so maybe you can pick it up for a good price!
(note - the color on the left is more true to real life, the suit is a brown tweed)
Suit Jacket: Ann Taylor Moulinee, 0P
Suit Bottom: Ann Taylor Moulinee, 00P
Blouse: Loft, XS
Shoes: Tahari (similar)
Also, I wanted to point out that the nude leather on these shoes is NOT PATENT! I've been looking for nude non-patent heels for months now and I still haven't found an all-nude pair in my price range, but these not only have the type of leather I'm looking for, but also a little extra style with the patent cap-toe and heel. 

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  1. That suit looks really great on you. Also, I love your shoes!