February 26, 2012

lollipop pink

Can you believe the inspiration behind this outfit was my lipstick?? I watched multiple video reviews of the new Revlon Lip Butters a few months ago and when I came across some in CVS shortly thereafter I pounced on the opportunity to buy a couple. I immediately fell in love with the two colors I picked - Lollipop (bright barbie pink) and Sugar Frosting (pale shimmery pink). Recently I was shopping in Target and they had a full display of a ton of the colors so I took my time and picked out two more - Berry Smoothie and Peach Parfait. Anyway, considering I don't have the opportunity to wear too much bright pink on a daily basis I planned my entire outfit around my Lollipop colored Lip Butter and my new coral jeans from Forever 21. I wore this out to a nice Italian dinner with BF :)
Blazer: H&M
Shirt: Forever 21 (old from spring break 08 in Puerto Vallartaaaa!)
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Target (similar)
Gunmetal necklace & bracelet: Forever 21
Gold bracelet: Ann Taylor

February 25, 2012

white purple grey

Jacket: Tibi (similar)
Tiered shirt: Forever 21 (similar)
White jeans: Gap (similar)
Shoes: Unlisted (almost a dupe)
Necklace: Lord & Taylor
Bracelet: Forever 21 (similar $$$)
I wore this out to dinner and drinks at Yardhouse. The menu is eclectic with asian, american, and some southern style dishes. I ended up getting a tried and true burger crusted with peppercorn and gorgonzola. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. This weekend I have to crack down and study because I have a midterm on Tuesday.. to the library I go...

February 24, 2012

blue and tan

I think this might be my favorite outfit that I've worn to work this semester. I decided to wear a skirt because I knew I wouldn't be going to the jail (because legs and jail are not a good combo). I ended up throwing on this blouse and realized that my Theory blue blazer matched perfectly - everything about this outfit was an accident but I really like the way it turned out.
Blazer: Theory, 00
Blouse: Ann Taylor Factory
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Nine West 
Bag: Longchamp
Sunglasses: Versace
Necklace: Lord & Taylor

February 21, 2012

new silhouette

Inspired by Elle's February Challenge to wear things that you haven't worn in a long time, I tried out this American Apparel skirt that I purchased 2 years ago but have never worn outside the house. I originally purchased it because it can be worn as a tube dress and skirt, but when worn as a dress it was much too short, and I couldn't figure out how to wear the skirt in a way I liked. Inspired by the nautical feel of the yacht show the day before, this President's day I wore this skirt with a tied button up shirt. You might also notice a few inches are missing from my hair.. I tried out a new salon this weekend and it was a huge mistake. The woman didn't listen to a word I said (all I said was take as little off as possible) and somehow I ended up with hair above my boobs when it was almost at my waist before. I'm going to write a terrible review on Yelp. That'll show them. 
Skirt: American Apparel
Shirt: J. Crew
Shoes: Miss Me via Endless
Necklace: Kendra Scott
Scarf: H&M
Bracelets: Etsy, John Hardy
Watch: Michael Kors

February 20, 2012

yacht show

I went to the yacht and boat show on south beach this weekend. There were literally hundreds of yachts ranging from about 500k to 30M - none of which you were allowed to enter without a broker. Unfortunately for me and my friends, we weren't in the market for a million dollar boat so we only got to ogle from the docks interwoven throughout the mess of boats. However, I did hit up one of my friends from college who had connections for us to see the inside of a prettyyy sweet $2 million boat. The best part of the boat by far was the hot tub on the top deck with a bar and lounge area :) There were also many luxury cars on display (makes sense, if you are an oil tycoon looking to buy a 30M boat, you can probably afford a measly $350k Lambo). My favorite car was the matte black Lamborghini Aventador - looks like a real life Bat Mobile!
(this yacht wasn't even among the biggest there - there were a ton of 3-deckers (plus the cabins below deck)!)
Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Versace
Necklace: Amrita Singh
Belt: Forever 21
Bag: Longchamp
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Etsy, John Hardy
Shoes: Loft
Scarf: H&M

February 19, 2012

mustard, turquoise, black

I don't understand how other fashion bloggers can take pictures of their outfits at night without flash? I mean, the choices were either me taking the outfit inside in dim lighting, or outside in the dark with flash. Neither was a good choice, but I liked my outfit enough to take pictures. Friday night BF, his roommate, and another friend of ours went out to dinner at Sakaya Kitchen in Midtown. I've eaten at their food truck, Dim Ssam a Gogo, a few times now and I wanted to try their full menu. I wish I took some pictures of the food because it was all amazing and I will be begging my friends to come back with me soon! Afterward, we bought some beers and drank on my friend's balcony on South Beach. It couldn't have been a more relaxing night sitting outside overlooking the ocean and feeling the breeze. His apartment overlooks this fabulous Boat/Yacht show that's going on right now on South Beach, so we made plans to come back the next day and walk around at the show. That's for another post though :)
Jacket: Asos
Tank: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Necklaces: Kendra Scott, Forever 21
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

February 16, 2012


I started this blog with the intent of every-so-often sharing one of my passions - law. I happened to pick a profession that I am passionate about and love talking about, but I've had a hard time incorporating it into this blog that mostly deals with fashion and good sales. However, I thought I'd share with you that I was able to argue a motion to suppress a concealed weapon in court today!
In case you didn't know, (but I hope you do know!), the constitution provides U.S. citizens (and visitors) the right to be free from certain government intrusions. Specifically, the 4th amendment allows you to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.
How this relates to what I did in court today is this (and is as simple as I can explain it): basically, it is legal to carry a concealed weapon in Florida (and several other states) as long as you have a permit. However, if you don't have a permit, it's a 3rd degree felony to carry a concealed weapon. A police officer may see the bulge in your waistband (or wherever you carry your gun) and feel like stopping you to question you about that bulge (which he has a right to do). But whether he violated your constitutional rights all comes down to timing.
For example, if the officer hears that you have a gun (maybe from an informant), doesn't see any bulge, but then comes at you with his gun drawn telling you to get on the ground that's probablyyyy a seizure without probable cause, which is unlawful under the 4th amendment. At least that's what I was arguing today. It doesn't matter if you really were carrying a gun without a permit, because if the officer violates your rights in order to find that gun, the gun will be "suppressed", or, in other terms, not admitted into evidence against you. If you can't even admit the gun against you in a prosecution for carrying a concealed weapon, there is no evidence, and you go freeeeeee!!! (disclaimer: don't listen to me, I'm not even a lawyer yet).
Anyway, here is what I wore to argue and to class later.
Left Outfit:
Jacket: Theory Gabe B in Tailor fabric, 00
Pants: Theory Max C in Tailor fabric, 00
Blouse: K-Mart (proudest purchase ever for $5)
Necklace: Tiffany

Right Outfit:
Cardigan: Gap
Tee: Pac Sun
Jeans: Gap
Necklace: Kendra Scott (similar by Kendra Scott)
Watch: Michael Kors

February 13, 2012

python, leather, snack packs

I think I mentioned that my huge weekend plans were a trip to Target. Well, last night I also went to the grocery store a la 9 pm to buy ingredients to make chocolate covered strawberries with BF for Valentines day. We even splurged on the Ghirardelli brand to make them extra special. And then we burned all of the chocolate, making it inedible. Maybe as an omen to what was to come (the burned chocolate) we ended up going a litttleee crazy and bought 7 different flavors of Snack Packs. You know Snack Packs - think Billy Madison and you'll know what I'm talking about.
I wore this outfit to brunch with BF and his roommate. It was 58 degrees outside so it was actually cold enough (for me) to wear a jacket and boots and not look silly.  
Leather Jacket: Asos
Blouse: H&M (similar)
Jeans: Abercrombie
Boots: Bakers (similar)
Sunglasses: Versace
Earrings: Lord & Taylor
Bracelets: Tiffany, Etsy

February 12, 2012

turquoise blouse

Recently I've felt like dressing up more to do mundane activities. Take this outfit for example - I could have easily worn this to work, but where did I wear it? To Target and a meeting at school. I felt pretty put together all day, which in turn makes me feel good about myself :) The meeting at school was for my law review's promotions. Basically, the editorial board got together to discuss who we think should take over for us for next year. It got pretty intense! Some people were a little POed about where we thought they would fit on the review. All I have to say is: suck it up. It's a privilege to be here and a privilege to have a position at all, so take what you get, and shut up. Of course I couldn't say that in person (but I like to think I was about 2 seconds from doing so).
Blouse: Ann Taylor Cascade Front Stretch Silk Blouse, 0P
Jeans: Abercrombie
Necklace: Amrita Singh
Belt: Forever 21 (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors
Thanks for reading! And for listening to me rant sometimes :)

February 11, 2012

weekend woe

As you know, I'm working 4 days a week this semester on top of taking 3 classes. Needless to say, I really cherish my weekends because it is the only time I get to relax. With that said, I am having a hard time finding time to both relax and have fun. Take last night for example - BF and I decided that we would go see a movie, but by the time the movie was starting (10 PM) I was so exhausted from working the past 4 days that I didn't even want to be there. I would have much rather just gone to sleep (lol). How boring am I? What this means is I've been picking "relaxing" more than I've been picking my friends, and I haven't had any real fun in weeks. Something's gotta change, and soon! 
Faux leather jacket: Forever 21
Button up: H&M
Jeans: Abercrombie
Boots: Zara
Necklace: Amrita Singh
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Ann Taylor (final sale for 9.88 in stores)

In colored jean news - I went to Target today to return some stuff and also browsed around. They had a variety of the Mossimo Skinny colored jean and I tried on the size 1 and 3. Size 1 literally couldnt even fit up past my hips, so that is FANTASTIC news for the really small girls out there! The Size 3 were still super tight but I could at least get them buttoned up. I took home a coral pair because they were only ~$23 (less than the Forever 21 pairs that I ordered), so I'm going to wait and see how the F21 pairs fit before I decide which to keep.

February 10, 2012

late to the party: colored jeans

Yea, I'm pretty late to this trend. I held out this long because I didn't think colored jeans "suited" me. I really only get to dress down maybe 3 days a week, and I felt like buying into a trend that would probably go out of style soon wasn't worth it for those 3 days. I still think colored pants will go out of style, but when, I can't be sure. It could be in a few seasons and it could be years from now. I figure if I want to take on this trend I might as well start at Forever 21 where there are some bargains!

Forever 21 has several affordable options on their site. With the addition of customer reviews, it is becoming easier to narrow down which ones will fit and which ones will not. However, several of the options either proclaimed to run a size too big (bad for us size 24 and below waists) or they don't have reviews yet. I opted to go with pants that had few reviews and no reviews rather than bad reviews. Here we go:

Skinny Denim by Forever 21 at ShopStyle
Clothing by Forever 21 at ShopStyle

The Heritage 1981 Vibrant Skinny Jean comes in 7 colors (mustard, periwinkle, orange, coral, fuchsia, taupe and cream). It has no reviews. It is labeled as an ankle skinny jean with a 30.5" inseam, so it should hit me where normal pants hit. I find that 29" inseams hit me right below my ankle, and 27" inseams hit me right above my ankle, so a 30" inseam should work fine. I ordered the periwinkle and coral in size 24.

The Forever 21 Acid Wash Skinny Jeans come in 3 colors (aqua (looks like mint), lavender (looks like light pink) and coral (looks like pale orange). I ordered the aqua in the hopes that they look true to the picture. I couldn't even believe that I bought acid wash jeans (how early 90s!), but I really like the look of mint green and hope that they fit the bill for 30 bucks.

The reviews are good for these pants - both reviewers say they fit true to size, with someone who ordered a size 24 saying she also has a 24" waist. I was a little put off by the claim that a size 25 has a 28" waist, but I figure it must be larger because they are a lower rise. Let's hope..

I'm hoping that I love the colors that I chose, because we all know and dread Forever 21's return policy... I was really hoping to find a bright royal blue and bright red, but there were none available in size 24. I just hope that if these pants suck when I go to return them in-store I will find something else to replace them.
Skinny Denim by Forever 21 at ShopStyle

I didn't purchase these because of the reviews, but the Forever 21 Fitted Skinny Jean are only $15.50 and come in 10 colors (less are available currently but maybe they will come back in stock?). The reviews mostly said that they run a full size too big, so I steered away from these pants. There is the possibility that they will shrink in the dryer, and for 15 bucks it might be worth it to try out. I'm hoping that they are available in store for me to try on this weekend.

February 7, 2012


This weekend went by way. too. fast. There seems to never be enough time in the day to do all the errands I want, relax, spend time with friends, and study. Right now the studying is giving way to the other stuff, but I have a midterm in a few weeks (odd for law school) that I must start preparing for already. Anyway, here is a pastel-ish outfit that I wore to class. It stinks because with the weather being what it is in Miami, a light scarf will have to do for "layering." Believe me, I want to wear 2 shirts a vest a jacket and a scarf like the Man Repeller but I just can't handle it in this heat, lol. 
Sweater: Ann Taylor (on sale for ~$30 in stores)
Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Abercrombie
Shoes: Miss Mooz via Endless
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: Francesca's
Bracelet: Ann Taylor

February 6, 2012


By no means am I an expert pattern mixer. In fact, this marks maybe the 5th time total that I've done it. I do recognize non-expert pattern mixers can get by with pretty much anything if the patterns are not right up against each other. Enter my new favorite leopard flats, which I personally think can match with anything, including a floral red shirt. Boo ya
Sheer shirt: Gap
Tee: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Wanted
Sunglasses: Versace
Jewelry: Forever 21

February 5, 2012

misleading top

Sometimes I tell people I can't stand children, but what I really mean to say is I can't stand parents who can't control their children. Last night was no exception. My boyfriend and I sat down to dinner in a restaurant, and the people directly in front of me (behind my boyfriend) had a baby who proceeded to fling ice cream/pudding/yogurt (something with a slimy texture) onto my leather jacket. Mortified, my mouth dropped and I froze in place. The parents turned around, saw me standing there with XYZ substance on my jacket, and turned back around to finish eating their dinner. No apology. No offer for a napkin. Seriously? I digress..
Jacket: Asos
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless (old)
Bracelet: Ann Taylor
In a recent Ann Taylor order, I put this "Tie Neck Halter" into my cart to try on and meet the shipping requirement. Ann Taylor must have another definition for "halter top" than I, because this ain't no halter top in my opinion. When I think halter I think it has an open back. The back of this top is not open, but instead mimics the style of the front, minus the bow. Although misleading, for me the top can be a perfect going out top because of the bare shoulders, but also something appropriate for work when worn under a sweater or jacket because of the neckline and bow. Having a top serve double duty = keeper in my book.

February 3, 2012

khaki & black

You know what's the best thing about my current job(s)? My days go by like lightening. I know I picked the right profession because 9 times out of 10 "work" doesn't feel like work. This outfit has the components of something that are be business formal, but the khaki pants are just too casual a fabric and color. Overall, I felt put together enough for the office (and certainly during my visit to the Miami-Dade Jail) and even to be in attendance at court.
Jacket: Amy Beyer (juniors Macys - old)
Sweater: Gap
Pants: Banana Republic 
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Sunglasses: Versace
Necklace: Tiffany & John Hardy
Bracelets: John Hardy, Unknown