February 10, 2012

late to the party: colored jeans

Yea, I'm pretty late to this trend. I held out this long because I didn't think colored jeans "suited" me. I really only get to dress down maybe 3 days a week, and I felt like buying into a trend that would probably go out of style soon wasn't worth it for those 3 days. I still think colored pants will go out of style, but when, I can't be sure. It could be in a few seasons and it could be years from now. I figure if I want to take on this trend I might as well start at Forever 21 where there are some bargains!

Forever 21 has several affordable options on their site. With the addition of customer reviews, it is becoming easier to narrow down which ones will fit and which ones will not. However, several of the options either proclaimed to run a size too big (bad for us size 24 and below waists) or they don't have reviews yet. I opted to go with pants that had few reviews and no reviews rather than bad reviews. Here we go:

Skinny Denim by Forever 21 at ShopStyle
Clothing by Forever 21 at ShopStyle

The Heritage 1981 Vibrant Skinny Jean comes in 7 colors (mustard, periwinkle, orange, coral, fuchsia, taupe and cream). It has no reviews. It is labeled as an ankle skinny jean with a 30.5" inseam, so it should hit me where normal pants hit. I find that 29" inseams hit me right below my ankle, and 27" inseams hit me right above my ankle, so a 30" inseam should work fine. I ordered the periwinkle and coral in size 24.

The Forever 21 Acid Wash Skinny Jeans come in 3 colors (aqua (looks like mint), lavender (looks like light pink) and coral (looks like pale orange). I ordered the aqua in the hopes that they look true to the picture. I couldn't even believe that I bought acid wash jeans (how early 90s!), but I really like the look of mint green and hope that they fit the bill for 30 bucks.

The reviews are good for these pants - both reviewers say they fit true to size, with someone who ordered a size 24 saying she also has a 24" waist. I was a little put off by the claim that a size 25 has a 28" waist, but I figure it must be larger because they are a lower rise. Let's hope..

I'm hoping that I love the colors that I chose, because we all know and dread Forever 21's return policy... I was really hoping to find a bright royal blue and bright red, but there were none available in size 24. I just hope that if these pants suck when I go to return them in-store I will find something else to replace them.
Skinny Denim by Forever 21 at ShopStyle

I didn't purchase these because of the reviews, but the Forever 21 Fitted Skinny Jean are only $15.50 and come in 10 colors (less are available currently but maybe they will come back in stock?). The reviews mostly said that they run a full size too big, so I steered away from these pants. There is the possibility that they will shrink in the dryer, and for 15 bucks it might be worth it to try out. I'm hoping that they are available in store for me to try on this weekend.

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