February 5, 2012

misleading top

Sometimes I tell people I can't stand children, but what I really mean to say is I can't stand parents who can't control their children. Last night was no exception. My boyfriend and I sat down to dinner in a restaurant, and the people directly in front of me (behind my boyfriend) had a baby who proceeded to fling ice cream/pudding/yogurt (something with a slimy texture) onto my leather jacket. Mortified, my mouth dropped and I froze in place. The parents turned around, saw me standing there with XYZ substance on my jacket, and turned back around to finish eating their dinner. No apology. No offer for a napkin. Seriously? I digress..
Jacket: Asos
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless (old)
Bracelet: Ann Taylor
In a recent Ann Taylor order, I put this "Tie Neck Halter" into my cart to try on and meet the shipping requirement. Ann Taylor must have another definition for "halter top" than I, because this ain't no halter top in my opinion. When I think halter I think it has an open back. The back of this top is not open, but instead mimics the style of the front, minus the bow. Although misleading, for me the top can be a perfect going out top because of the bare shoulders, but also something appropriate for work when worn under a sweater or jacket because of the neckline and bow. Having a top serve double duty = keeper in my book.

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