March 29, 2012

animal print & condiments

I broke away from my usual mold this week at work when I wore this outfit. I immediately got compliments on it from my supervisor and her co-worker, saying I look great in color and I need to wear more of it to the office. The problem is, I was always told to "dress for the job you want" - to me that means I need to wear a suit every day. This was literally the first day that I didn't wear a jacket to work and I felt very dressed down all day, to the point that I was nervous if I saw any of the higher-ups because I didn't want to appear too casual. Oh well! Maybe I can get away with trying to be fashionable 1 day a week :)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Loft
Shoes: Miss Me?
Bag: Ann Taylor via Extra Petite's giveaway
Necklace: David Yurman
Sunglasses: Versace
Notice the dual animal print? My skirt is "giraffe" and my shoes have some "snake" on them! And of course the "condiments" portion of my title comes from my red/orange and yellow shirt combo.


  1. I don't know what people dress like at the Miami PD/SAO, but at Broward things for both parties were usually super casual. I wore a suit every day at first, until I noticed a lot of girls coming to court in cardigans & skirts, much like you're wearing. The men of the PD/SAO were almost always in suits though. There were a number of ridiculous private defense attorneys who showed up in absurd outfits like linen suits, or sports jackets. Not for a trial, obvs, if it was a trial everyone was in suits... but for daily stuff, like arraignments and calendar calls.

  2. Yep that's exactly how it is at the PD. Very casual, so I actually would fit in fine, but because the men are always in suits I can't help but feel dressed down compared to them.

  3. Cute look! I like the yellow/neon combo with the giraffe skirt!