March 5, 2012


Today I had to give a presentation for my advanced evidence seminar. We've each been given nuanced topics of contested evidentiary issues to explain to the class and write papers on. My topic was autopsies and the confrontation clause. Basically, the defendant in a criminal trial has the right to "confront" or cross examine the state's witnesses. If for some reason the person who prepared the autopsy report is unable to testify, but the state still wants that report to come in as evidence (maybe to prove the cause of death or whatever) then you can make the argument that the defendant has lost his right to confront the medical examiner about his findings during the autopsy. ANYWAY... There was no requirement to dress up for the presentation but I wanted to be "presentable" so I threw on this Loft blazer that hardly gets any wear. I do love it though.. the pleats give it something different than the average black blazer. I'm going to have to try to wear it more often.
Blazer: Loft
Tank: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Necklaces: Barneys Co-op, Lord & Taylor
Watch: Michael Kors
PS - I found out that a few of my law friends know about this blog.. so if you are reading, oh HEY! Please don't judge me too much :) 

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  1. I dressed up a bit for my presentation. No one else did. Everyone else showed up in like, shorts and tees.