March 13, 2012

Review: Forever 21 Striped Moto Jacket & Colored Twill Pants

Because of my slight obsession with colored jeans, I picked up 2 more colors about a week ago from Forever 21's "style deals" for only $15.50 a pair. In order to get free shipping I added in an interesting striped moto jacket with no intention of actually liking it. I just received the order on Saturday and I was pleasantly surprised by everything.

Forever 21 Striped Moto Jacket in Taupe and Cream, Size Small (Also comes in Navy and Cream for a nautical look)
Fit: For a size Small, this fit pretty well. The jacket itself is a knit material so it is prone to wrinkles (as you can see in the shot of the back) but it is also more form fitting because of its stretch. On my 5'3" frame, the arms hit just below my elbow for a 3/4 sleeve look, and the length of the jacket is cropped. The only fit issue I have is that the shoulders extend ever so slightly longer than my natural shoulder on each side. However, the only picture where it is even noticeable is the picture with my hand on my hip above. I found the measurements from Forever 21's website to be accurate, "21" approx length from high point shoulder to hem, 32" chest, 30" waist, 17.5" sleeve length from shoulder ridge, 14" shoulder width." 

Quality: I was pleased with the details and quality of this little jacket. There are fully functioning pocket zippers and zippers from the end of the sleeve to the elbow. The stripes on the arms line up with the stripes on the body. Notice in the picture of the side of the jacket above how the stripes on my arm match up exactly to the stripes on my body? Now that's some serious detail! The only qualm I'm having is that the jacket seems to wrinkle (see bottom 2 pictures especially), but I also haven't ironed it yet.

Forever 21 Style Deals Twill Skinny Pants, Size 24 - Purchased in Yellow and Mint

Fit: I found these pants to fit true to size and tighter in the waist than reviews online indicated. Maybe I've just gained weight, lol, but these pants fit perfectly and were not baggy at all in the waist area. They are truly high rise pants - on me hitting only 1 inch below my natural waist. The pants are skinny but are not as tight around the ankle as some of my other skinny jeans. On the models online, all of them have the pants rolled up like I do.

Quality: These pants have less stretch than I expected but on me were still very comfortable (I wore them around my apartment for a few hours to test them out - I have learned from my previous mistake lol). The length is slightly long on my 5'3" frame. Forever 21 claims the inseam is 29.5" on a size 25, but I usually wear a 29 inch inseam and these felt about an inch too long on me. Nothing that cuffing up or under cannot fix, however. These pants are noticeably softer and (in my opinion) feel more like chinos than regular jeans. I'm guessing that's why these are labeled "twill pants" instead of "jeans." As you can see above, the yellow is every-so-slightly transparent, and you can see the pockets coming through the front of the jeans. The yellow is not as vibrant as the pictures online - I feel that my pictures above are more representative of the true color, which is still very pretty. The "mint" that I ordered with the hopes of being truly mint are really just turquoise. I can't decide if I'm going to keep them or not because I do have a slightly less saturated pair last seen here - but those have serious fit issues. I think maybe for 15.50 I should keep these turquoise pair and retire the others unless I can successfully shrink them.

PS - I'm kind of loving this little outfit that I happened to put together just to do the review. Purple and yellow kind of go great together!