March 18, 2012

St. Patrick

This past week was my "spring break." It's in quotations because it was NOT a break at all! In fact, I spent every day at the library studying for part of the bar exam. The exam is called the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) and it tests your ability to know the ethics rules governing lawyers. The material itself is not that difficult, it's mostly common sense (for example, don't have sex with your clients!!!). But the test-makers obviously felt the need to test our knowledge with extremely convoluted examples of these rules.. so in short, I have no idea if I passed! I will find out in 5 weeks and that's that! I was so engrossed in my studying, in fact, that I actually forgot that yesterday was St. Patrick's day until I woke up and got ready to take the exam. So, here's an outfit in honor of my Irish heritage, wearing my newest green skinny pants.
Tee: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar, 0R
Jacket: Forever 21
Heels: Mixx
Jewelry: Etsy
Sunglasses: Versace
A note about the pants - I decided to return my 0P blue pair when I tried on this pair in 0R. They were slightly easier to get into and more comfortable in the waist, while also being the perfect length. The petite pair were a little too short for me, hitting above my ankle bone, whereas these fall just below my ankle bone.


  1. Fashion-meets-artMarch 18, 2012 at 6:18 PM

    really nice look! love your pants <3
    maren anita

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  2. This outfit is so summery and I love the green jeans!