March 1, 2012

true blue - colored jeans review

Today Google Friend Connect ended for non-Blogger blogs. Fortunately, I do run my blog on Blogger. However, I think it's about time I start using Bloglovin' instead to follow my favorite blogs. I'm noticing that some bloggers' posts do not show up in my Google Reader, so I'm missing out on all the action! I hope that you'll follow me on Bloglovin', too!
In other news, I purchased several colored jeans in the past two weeks. Here is a short review of 4 different pairs from 3.5 different brands (3.5 because 2 are from F21, but 1 is from Heritage 1981, a subdivision of F21).

2. Heritage 1981 Vibrant Skinny Jean in Periwinkle, Size 24
3. Gap Always Skinny Skimmer Jean in White, Size 24/00
The Acid Wash Jeans run large(er) and are extremely stretchy. After sitting in them for a few hours I had to pull them up every time I stood up. The waist and the butt really stretches out - but on the plus side the pants come with a belt. The pants are a good length for petites at 29". I'm planning on trying to shrink them in the dryer. 
These Vibrant Skinny Jeans feel considerably smaller than the Acid Wash because they have less stretch in them. They run longer than the Acid Wash jeans and I have to cuff the bottom under for them to fit correctly. 
These run very tiny (lots of complaints about that online - good for the tiny girls!) They have very little stretch to them. I have to do a good "shimmy" to get the pants on. 
These pants run the smallest by far. I literally had to dance around to get them on, but once on, they hug every curve and make my butt look great (says the BF). They do have some stretch, so although putting on the pants was very uncomfortable, they did stretch to fit and felt more comfortable after a few minutes. I will say that I also ordered the Gestalt Green in the same order in the same size (0P), and I could not even get those on over my hips. They were at least an inch smaller across the hips and waist so I had to return them. I am not sure if that color is universally smaller, or if it was just a mixup with that one pair of pants. 
Old Navy is currently running a promotion on jeans in-store, so if you purchase these online at full price (approx 35 bucks) you can go into the store, return them, and buy them back for $19. That's what I did! Because of the SO small fit, I actually re-ordered them in Size 0 Regular and Size 2P to see if I can find a better fit. Even if those don't fit, I'm happy enough with the 0P that I wouldnt be too disappointed if neither of the re-orders fit. 


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