April 7, 2012

another night out & Uniqueen review

Happy Easter and Passover weekend to everyone who celebrates! I was raised Catholic but I'm going to two passover seders with friends this weekend. I wore this outfit to a seder last night and I better get dressed right now if I want to be on time for the one tonight! See below for my review of the Uniqueen No. 5 Tweed Jacket. 
Blouse: Charlotte Russe
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Amrita Singh
Bag: Longchamp
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter
Price: I purchased this Uniqueen No. 5 jacket about a week ago and have been wearing it non-stop since then. I figured I'd do a little review because the jacket is currently on sale. I haven't seen any crazy sales for Uniqueen, but they do have a nice deal where you get %15 during your birthday month. Their jackets are a little bit pricy, about the pricing of Zara blazers and jackets. This particular jacket was $81, and shipping is on the expensive side at $13, but if you can use a 15% off code that pretty much makes shipping free.
Sizing: There are 3 sizes for this jacket - S, M, L. The jacket runs really small. I ordered a Small, and a Medium would probably look better on me because it would be looser in the shoulders. The measurements on their website are very accurate, and as predicted, the sleeve length is perfect for me. The only thing I did not account for were the padded shoulders. Although the jacket really is 13" in the shoulder, which should fit me perfectly, because of the padding in the shoulder the jacket fits much smaller than 13". On me, the small fits in the jacket length and sleeve length. It is tight in the shoulders and if I wanted to add a clasp to the front to make the jacket have a closure, it would be too tight across my 32" chest.
Quality & Style: I already said the quality was similar to Zara items I own. But what outweighs anything to do with quality is the style of this jacket. It has a great shape and is very Chanel-esque at a fraction of the cost. The jacket comes in 7 colors (black, brown, navy, light pink, white, coral pink and yellow) and it was honestly difficult to choose just one jacket. I might re-order another color in Medium to see the sizing difference - and because I want another color :) . The jacket is a tweed material and the black has some sequins interwoven throughout, along with a sparkly weave that when the light hits it creates a checkered pattern. The sparkles are also along the trim. It has gold buttons with mock pockets and it comes with a cute "5" pin with pearl accents.
Overall, I really like the jacket and can see myself wearing this not only on the weekend, but to work too. I am planning on removing the sparkles in the trim, and once I do that it will be even more work appropriate. And I'm probably going to order another color, but I just can't decide which one yet!


  1. Could I ask what your measurements are in reference to this jacket? I'm afraid the small might be too tight and the medium might be too big. Can't decide! Tia!

  2. I have a 13" shoulder exactly, and I wear a 32A/B. On the site, it says the size Small is 13" and the Medium runs 13.8". Most of my blazers with shoulder pads run about 14" for size 00 or 00P so I think a Medium would fit similarly to those. The Small should fit someone who is even smaller than a 00 normally - it was my mistake to order a size smaller than I usually wear!

  3. Hey there, I was wondering how long shipping took with UniQueen. I ordered something with them but it took several days for payment to go through (banks fault). I want in time for an event and wondering if I should start looking for something else to wear because it may not get here in time.

  4. hey - i think it took about a week to get to me. they ship from Korea so it has a long journey. The other thing that made it take a little longer was that (at least for me) they required a signature on delivery, so I had to go to the post office the next day to pick it up.

  5. Thanks for your response! I got it and love it!

  6. I'm late to this review, Elissa, but I love the black w/ black trim jacket on you. Very understated yet elegant.