April 5, 2012

the "perfect" bow

I own a decent amount of tie-neck blouses, but it wasn't until earlier this week that I learned there was a "right" and a "wrong" way to tie the perfect bow. Obviously, what you consider "perfect" is going to be based on your personal preference. For me, this outfit resembles how I'd like all my tie-neck blouses to look. I used this youtube video to learn to tie my bow. The trick for me was once the bow was tied, I spent a few extra seconds fixing the front part of the knot to my liking so it wasn't all bunched up and limp looking.
And now for something completely unrelated to bows - let's talk about these pants. I have literally 7 or so pants sitting folded in my closet waiting to be taken to the tailor. For at least 3 years these pants have sat unworn in my closet! I really felt like wearing these pants the other day, so I did a quick DIY hem-job using double sided tape and strategically placed small safety pins and I was able to wear them to work. Seeing pictures now, I'm not loving the crotch, but work pants have always been harder for me to "love" than skirts. Even my Theory pant suit isn't as perfect as I'd like! Anyway, I've really got to get these hemmed. And I've got to save up for laser hair removal on my legs - if I didn't have to worry about shaving, I could wear skirts every day!!!
Blazer: Theory, 00
Blouse: Ann Taylor, 00P
Pants: Guess, 23
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Belt: Ann Taylor


  1. i feel you on the pants suits! i have a few pair of pants from the theory outlet (00P) but they still aren't perfect. but i feel like i can get away with more comfortable shoes when i wear pants rather than skirts, which is good since i walk around the city a lot during the workday. also, check out your local living social for the laser hair removal shizz--it comes up as a deal in philadelphia pretty regularly!

  2. thanks for the comment! i do check living social often, i love that site. i'm going to keep my eye out for a deal soon!