April 25, 2012

Search for a Graduation Dress

This past weekend I went shopping with the hopes of finding my ideal law school graduation dress. I am on a Gossip Girl kick on Netflix and I've been loving the ladylike and mature style of Blair Waldorf. Yes - it ages her to some extent, but the styles of dresses she chooses are always classic and usually not too revealing, unlike Serena who is all about showing off her curves. I think for a law school graduation (or any professional school or graduate degree program especially) I need to take a step away from cleavage and leg and focus on a classic, timeless silhouette. This is why I decided I really want to wear a sheath dress as my graduation dress. Surprisingly, I only own one sheath dress and it is black and really only appropriate for work and no other occasion - except maybe a funeral, lol. Here are some options I've been eyeing (and I'll let you know which I found in-store).

1. BCBG Alice Lace Sheath Dress - $248 - smallest size 0

This was the best fitting of all the dresses I tried on. After finding this dress I decidedly prefer an all-lace sheath dress, but finding one that fits perfectly will definitely present a problem. This dress in size 0 just grazed all my curves and hit me in the middle of my knee-cap. With high heels this would look elegant, and I could see myself wearing it as a skirt to work in the future. The deciding factor was the price tag - at $248 with no promo-code or sale in sight, I had to let it go.

2. Calvin Klein Belt Ikat Dress - Sale $79 - smallest size 2P

I found this in a 2P on a random rack at Macy's and was hoping and praying this fit me because I loved the colors AND it was on sale! Note: the colors in the photo are not accurate, in real life the blue is a dark turquoise and the white is really a grey. The problem with this dress was with fit - it was much too large everywhere. Why do all these brands only come in size 2??? It's discriminatory, I tell ya!

3. AGB Floral Print Belted Sheath - Sale $44 - smallest size 2

I couldn't find this in petite, and the size 2 regular was absurdly large. I didn't even try it on, but I loved this print and the color combo of purple and yellow is so pretty. If I could find something similar to this dress in a size that fit me, I'd be all over that!

4. T Tahari Corrina Sheath Dress - $148 - smallest size 0P

I did not see this one in store, but I looked hard for it. I just found it online at Nordstrom in a 0P so I ordered it to see how it fits. If its amazing I'll keep it, if it's even a little "bleh" I'll return it, because I'm trying not to waste money on special occasion dresses anymore. I think $148 + tax for a graduation dress is still pretty steep.

My search continues. Let me know if you know of any really pretty lace, floral, or bright spring sheath dresses preferably with a defined waist that come in small sizes! I'd love to hear any input.

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