April 24, 2012

Update & Graduation Wishlist

Hello hello! It has been TOO long since I've posted an outfit. The past 2 weeks have been extremely stressful and hectic. Although I did wear some outfits that were worthy of blog posts, life came first, and I had litrally (picture Parks & Rec when you read that) no time nor desire to photograph myself. To update anyone who cares - I passed the MPRE Ethics exam by a whopping 40 points! I only needed an 80 in Florida to pass but I got a 120 - all this means is if I suddenly decide to move to California I can practice law there too (well, if I take the Cali bar also...). I also didn't get the most recent job that I decided I wanted. That was a pretty big bummer, but I know eventually I'll be able to find something. I'm just thinking its probably going to be after I pass the bar in September... I think I can handle a little "vacation" while I wait for my bar results, what do you think?

Speaking of taking the bar, all that stands between me and studying for the bar is my studying for all my finals! I have two finals and two papers to complete in the next 2.5 weeks. I'm trying to get the papers out of the way this week so I can just study for finals starting next, but we'll see how THAT goes. Graduation is on May 12, and ironically, I got called to Jury Duty May 14. Not sure what I'm going to do about that, because my bar studying course starts May 14 also... I might have to defer my jury duty until July after the bar, or just show up on May 14 and BEG them not to keep me.

Anyway, not to drag on, but the real purpose of this post is because I'm a selfish girl and I can't help but think about what I want to receive as a graduation gift. For my Undergrad graduation my parents gave me a tiffany necklace and the sweetest gift EVER - it's a long story but I will try to explain it quickly - when I was in high school I threw a party at my house and about $2000 of stuff was stolen. As punishment my parents made me pay them back and it took me 2 years, including every cent I made working at a tennis camp along with pretty much every dollar I received as a gift for my birthday, christmas, and other holidays, but finally by high school graduation I had paid them back. Well, apparently my parents kept that money and they gave it back to me on my college graduation! It was really, really nice of them in my opinion and was a real gift from the heart.

Not to be dismissive of gifts from the heart, but I have a bunch of real and tangible items that I could use in my life! Here we go:

New lens for my camera. I'm finding that the things I want to do stylistically cannot be done with my kit lens. However, I can't decide if I want to get a telephoto lens, a macro lens, or just a good plain lens with no zoom and a low F-stop to try to get a blurred background. I feel like a telephoto might be the most practical and have the most uses, but I just. dont. know.

A stylish camera bag. When I've wanted to bring my camera out of the house, do you know how I carry it? I wrap it in a T-shirt and put it inside my Longchamp. Not classy! Not safe! The problem is, 95% of camera bags are UGLY, and most of the other 5% of the "stylish" bags are not my style. Enter The It Bag - it is perfect for me, but it is currently sold out/backordered! What to do?

A piece of jewelry I wouldn't (couldn't) buy for myself. I've been loving John Hardy jewelry for a while despite its name resemblance to Ed Hardy, but the problem is I'm an unemployed student and I can't really afford a 600 dollar bracelet, haha. I've mostly been coveting this one though - super thick, makes a statement on its own, but still classic silver and will be in style for years.

A new scent. I was at Sephora a few weeks ago with a friend and I smelled probably 30 perfumes. I have found that I love the ones that lean toward smelling like cologne - is that weird? I'm guessing it can't be weird because I like some of the most popular ones - Marc Jacobs Daisy, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, for example. I actually found out the Kenneth Cole Reaction I've been wearing for 7 years was the men's cologne version... oops. But an entire collection that really caught my eye/nose were the "Clean" scents - specifically "Warm Cotton." It literally smelled like clean laundry and I LOVED it.

I know there are other things I've been "lusting after" that I just can't remember right now, so maybe I'll do another post as I come up with more ideas.

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