May 31, 2012

black, white, & read all over

Plaid shirt: Target
Tee: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Sandals: Target
Crossbody: Urban Expressions (TJ Maxx) (similar red quilted) (same in sequin)
Necklaces: David Yurman, Forever 21 (similar)
I'm in the full swing of my bar exam studying. I go to class every morning for about 4 hours, take a lunch break, and then study for about 4 more hours. I had high hopes of dressing up every day, having plenty of time to take photos, and studying too, but obviously that's not what has been happening. Not only have I been completely uninspired with my outfits (jeans and a t-shirt most days of the week), the weather has not been cooperating (rains every day) even if I did decide to wear something I liked. Even this outfit is pushing it. It's really just jeans and a t-shirt with one layer. But since I haven't posted in so long, and since this was the most "inspired" outfit I've worn in maybe 2 weeks, I figured "why not?" I also finally got a chance to play with my new lens. It is much MUCH easier to take photos of other people/things with this lens than pictures of myself. I probably took about 40 photos, and only about 7 came out clear/not completely blurry. But I can't get too down on myself because it was my first time trying! I have to get back to studying - time to finish writing a practice essay, read over my notes from today, and do more practice multiple choice questions! See ya when I cya, blogland!

May 17, 2012

Camera Essentials

With the recent influx of some $$$, (graduation gifts), I decided to finally treat myself to some things that I find necessary in terms of camera "gear." My receipt of graduation money coincided with THEIT having the Bossi bag back in-stock in 3 colors. Unfortunately, the Black bag sold out in 30 minutes according to THEIT's facebook page, but the Fawn and White were in stock for a while longer. The white bag might still be in stock if you are interested. Anyway, I obviously was going to buy the Black one if I could get my hands on it because I'm a "black bag" kind of girl. I really don't own that many bags (maybe 15?) and I use the same one every day with the occasional clutch used to go out at night. However, I took it as a sign that I was unable to get the black Bossi bag. Instead, I hemmed and hawed over whether I should get the Fawn (light-ish brown color) or the White. I think both could have been very versatile in my closet, but in the end I surprised myself and chose WHITE! I have tons of black and brown bags but no white ones, and now my stylin' camera bag will be white.

Go to to check out the bags!

The other thing I decided to buy was a new lens. Although I haven't actually made the purchase yet, I'm expecting to by the end of the weekend. I'm choosing between the Canon 50 mm 1.8 and the 50 mm 1.4. The 1.4 is about 3 to 4 times the price of the 1.8, which is obviously what is making me hesitate. I always thought I'd just purchase the f/1.8... but I think once I buy this lens I want it to last for a long time. Not saying that the 1.8 won't last a long time, but with its plastic body, it probably wouldn't last as long as something made of metal and glass. I'm still reading reviews daily and checking ebay and amazon for prices, but if anyone has any experience with either lens I'd love to hear your thoughts about it/them!! 
Edit: I won my very first Ebay auction! I got the Canon 50 mm f/1.4! 

ASOS Leather Jacket & Floral Dress

I recently read a blog post somewhere which asked readers how they begin to plan an outfit. I certainly can't say I have a "method" to my outfit choice madness, but for this one in particular, I definitely chose the dress first. Out of all the clothes in my closet, I have to say I wear my dresses the least. In college I used to wear all types of dresses out to the bars at night. We only had 5 bars total in our town, so the choices were slim, and all of them were typical "college" bars, no lounges, or clubs or anything. It didn't really matter what I wore, so I could get away with a casual dress just as equally as I could wear a dressy more "club"-like dress. Unfortunately, being a law student working 2 jobs this semester really cut down on my chances to wear my dresses out on the weekends, so recently I've been trying to get more use out of the clothes I wear the least but still love. It's also reaching the 90's every day in Miami now, so my chances to wear my favorite leather jacket have slimmed down. This will probably be the last outfit featuring this jacket until the fall!
Leather Jacket: ASOS Leather Biker Jacket
Dress: Arden B. (old)
Shoes: Target (old)

May 3, 2012

ASOS Spring Dresses & Mint Jeans Review

In my quest for a graduation dress I ordered some to try during ASOS's 10% off sale. I also picked up some mint jeans because they were finally in stock in my size and despite owning several pairs of blue/turquoise/periwinkle jeans I still really wanted mint ones.

First up, the ASOS Shift Dress in Tiered Lace in Hibiscus and Blue Depths, Size US 2.
I will start by saying I love the color. It's very "spring." I purchased this dress because I really wanted a lace sheath dress, but this fits more like a shift dress (which the title correctly calls it). It does not have as much definition in the waist as I would like, but it could be fixed with a skinny belt in any color. The  dress is lined, but the Hibiscus color is slightly see through. I was wearing a flowered bra and the pattern showed through. However, I also tried it on with nude undies and nothing showed through. 
The overall length of the dress is good for me, standing at 5'3". It is long enough that I could even get away with this at work with a blazer over it, but maybe not in this color. I don't think the overall fit is great - it is slightly large on the sides. However, I didn't want this dress to be super skimpy/tight/slutty or anything because I'm going to be surrounded by professors and parents. 
The navy is pretty, but it is a much more winter color, maybe not appropriate for a spring graduation. On the other hand, I could see myself getting a ton of use of this at work with a blazer over it. At less than $30, I may have enough reasons to keep both, but I'll have to think about it because the fit isnt perfect.  
I'm not going to lie - the lace material felt cheap. It isn't real lace, but feels like laser cut chiffon/polyester. However, I did purchase it on sale so the quality matches the price I paid. I wouldn't pay more for this dress.

ASOS Petite Dress with Gathered Front and Mesh Back, Size US 1
I really liked the way this draped on the model, but when I put it on myself I could not re-create it for the life of me. I also didn't realize the mesh comes all the way to the front. Notice on the right side, there is a small mesh panel. The dress is lined but see through at parts. My flowered bra showed through, but underwear did not. I felt the length was too short for me (but looking at the model it hits exactly where it shows it would hit). I also felt the dress was too tight for the event I'm going to. If I were going to wear this out to a bar/restaurant it would be fine (actually, the fit is rather perfect because it wasn't too tight or too big) but it just doesnt make sense for graduation.
I didn't love the way the draping looked from the side. I felt like it stuck out a little too far. I also didn't love the FUPA action that happened because of the tulip style skirt. I didn't realize that the mesh panel came down all the way to my waist in the back. You cannot wear even a nude colored bra with this dress unless you don't mind it showing through. Given how short this dress is on me, I wouldn't ALSO want to not wear a bra/have my bra showing through on graduation. Also notice in the picture of the back the zipper/seam is completely crooked! It kind of veers off to the left of my back! I'm returning this.

ASOS Petite Mint Green Skinny Jean - Size US 1 and US 2
I honestly couldn't tell the difference looking at these pictures, but they size 2 just felt considerably bigger. I walked around in both pairs for a while, and I'm going to keep the US 1. The pants have considerable stretch to them, so even if the US 1 felt tighter, I am certain they will stretch out. For reference I am 5'3" and ASOS's website say these pants have a 29" inseam.
Keeping the US 1, returning the US 2.