May 3, 2012

ASOS Spring Dresses & Mint Jeans Review

In my quest for a graduation dress I ordered some to try during ASOS's 10% off sale. I also picked up some mint jeans because they were finally in stock in my size and despite owning several pairs of blue/turquoise/periwinkle jeans I still really wanted mint ones.

First up, the ASOS Shift Dress in Tiered Lace in Hibiscus and Blue Depths, Size US 2.
I will start by saying I love the color. It's very "spring." I purchased this dress because I really wanted a lace sheath dress, but this fits more like a shift dress (which the title correctly calls it). It does not have as much definition in the waist as I would like, but it could be fixed with a skinny belt in any color. The  dress is lined, but the Hibiscus color is slightly see through. I was wearing a flowered bra and the pattern showed through. However, I also tried it on with nude undies and nothing showed through. 
The overall length of the dress is good for me, standing at 5'3". It is long enough that I could even get away with this at work with a blazer over it, but maybe not in this color. I don't think the overall fit is great - it is slightly large on the sides. However, I didn't want this dress to be super skimpy/tight/slutty or anything because I'm going to be surrounded by professors and parents. 
The navy is pretty, but it is a much more winter color, maybe not appropriate for a spring graduation. On the other hand, I could see myself getting a ton of use of this at work with a blazer over it. At less than $30, I may have enough reasons to keep both, but I'll have to think about it because the fit isnt perfect.  
I'm not going to lie - the lace material felt cheap. It isn't real lace, but feels like laser cut chiffon/polyester. However, I did purchase it on sale so the quality matches the price I paid. I wouldn't pay more for this dress.

ASOS Petite Dress with Gathered Front and Mesh Back, Size US 1
I really liked the way this draped on the model, but when I put it on myself I could not re-create it for the life of me. I also didn't realize the mesh comes all the way to the front. Notice on the right side, there is a small mesh panel. The dress is lined but see through at parts. My flowered bra showed through, but underwear did not. I felt the length was too short for me (but looking at the model it hits exactly where it shows it would hit). I also felt the dress was too tight for the event I'm going to. If I were going to wear this out to a bar/restaurant it would be fine (actually, the fit is rather perfect because it wasn't too tight or too big) but it just doesnt make sense for graduation.
I didn't love the way the draping looked from the side. I felt like it stuck out a little too far. I also didn't love the FUPA action that happened because of the tulip style skirt. I didn't realize that the mesh panel came down all the way to my waist in the back. You cannot wear even a nude colored bra with this dress unless you don't mind it showing through. Given how short this dress is on me, I wouldn't ALSO want to not wear a bra/have my bra showing through on graduation. Also notice in the picture of the back the zipper/seam is completely crooked! It kind of veers off to the left of my back! I'm returning this.

ASOS Petite Mint Green Skinny Jean - Size US 1 and US 2
I honestly couldn't tell the difference looking at these pictures, but they size 2 just felt considerably bigger. I walked around in both pairs for a while, and I'm going to keep the US 1. The pants have considerable stretch to them, so even if the US 1 felt tighter, I am certain they will stretch out. For reference I am 5'3" and ASOS's website say these pants have a 29" inseam.
Keeping the US 1, returning the US 2.


  1. I like the coral one way better than the blue. it looks more expensive, too.

  2. thanks for the input. i have another dress to show u too which i really like but its $150.. not sure if i can justify that when i have these $30 ones that are OK too

  3. I was wondering about your thoughts on the fit of these petite mint jeans.
    Do you think they are true to the ASOS size chart measurements? I'm a waist 24.5 and hips 34.5 and 5'1". I'm not sure if I should be getting a US4 as the chart recommends! Your recommendation is appreciated :)

  4. I have a 24 inch waist and I found both jeans to fit me fine because there is a lot of stretch to them, but the size UK6 just felt looser. It will depend on your preference - I expect that my jeans will stretch out, so I bought the smaller size even though I could have kept the UK6. ASOS has free shipping to a ton of countries, so my recommendation would be to get the UK4 and UK6 and I'm sure one of those will fit you.

  5. sorry - I just saw you said US 4 and not UK 4. I would say that size chart is incorrect for these jeans. I do not have a 22 inch waist, lol and the pants in a US 1 fit great. Think about what you normally buy - for me I am usually a 00, 0, or 24 in all my pants. If you normally buy a 00 or 0 also, I'd still recommend buying both those pants to try on for size.

  6. Thanks Elissa! Very helpful information there :)

  7. My favorite color! I'm looking for a pair of mint skinnies, and I was wondering how the fabric and feel of these were? Are they thin/jegging like? Or of a sturdier, thicker denim? Thank you! :)

  8. they are not as thick as jeans or as thin as jeggings. they have a lot of stretch to them and they are pretty soft. like i said, i could fit into both sizes because of the stretch, but it was just a matter of personal preference as to how tight i like my jeans to fit.

  9. Hey, if you haven't already returned the Mint dress, or if you are, is there anyway I could buy it from you instead?? I really realllyyy want it for my graduation! I've been trying to find it for days after its been sold out, and I have those sticky bra things so you don't need a real bra! I've searched every dress basically on the internet and I cant find one that even come close to comparing for my body shape. Please please get back to me!! <3

  10. Sorry Ellie, this post is almost a year old and I returned the dress last year!