June 4, 2012

Bag Crazy

I think I mentioned before that I don't have that many bags... Well in the past 2 weeks I've added a ridiculous amount to my collection (for me). I thankfully had the sense to return one yesterday because I hadn't reached for it once since I bought it. But then today was the start of the Rebecca Minkoff online sale, and I knew I wanted to buy my first RM bag! Even better (for my wallet), I had TWO RM bags in my online cart and was deciding if getting a bright pink one was really worthwhile...when suddenly that bag showed up as sold out! Decision made for me. I only ended up getting 1 bag, and my bank account is happy.

I did my research, and aside from a random Ebay sale, this is the best sale you will find on these bags. The only time these go on sale is at sample sales in big cities like NY and LA (and for the same prices - $170 for MAC clutches, $135 for Mini MAC), and occasionally on Gilt. Other than that, I even considered purchasing one during either Saks or Bloomingdales Friends & Family Sale (can't rememeber which) - but even that is only 20% off the purchase price. I saved $120 by buying today from the sale!

Anyway, I ended up getting the MAC Clutch w/ Silver Hardware in Pale Grey. I felt it was the most practical color available other than the browns that were in stock. Find it at the Rebecca Minkoff sale here. (colors are going fast to act quickly!)
I also finally received my TheIT bag. I love the style, it seems to be good construction so far, although I would probably worry about carrying it with the chain strap when I had a lot of weight in the bag. The "white" isn't really white but a cream. The color in the picture is accurate. I'm glad it ended up being cream though, a stark white is so prone to getting dirty.

Then I went a little crazy at TJ Maxx. I've had a gift card for almost a year now and I haven't found anything I wanted to spend it on until 2 weeks ago. I ended up buying 3 bags (1 was returned). This one you've seen on the blog already in my last post. It's by Urban Expressions, and while I can't find the exact bag online, I did find the same bag in sequin form, and a really cute quilted bag from the same company. The best part? Only $20 - and free to me b/c of the gift card.
Lastly, I was drawn to this Nine West tote because of the bright yellow color. I had been pretty embarrassed by my old Vineyard Vines tote that I've been lugging around for the past 3 years. It's gotten completely worn out carrying my 20lb law books, and dirty on top of that. For only $35 I couldn't pass up this cute tote! I've been carrying it every day to my bar exam class.

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