June 23, 2012

purple white

Tee: Old Navy
Jeans: Forever 21 (out of stock but restocked often)
Shoes: Payless (old) (similar loafer) (similar moccasin)
Clutch: Cynthia Rowley (similar)
Necklaces: Tiffany Open Heart, Indian market
So I know Summer only officially began a few days ago, but it certainly feels like it's been going on for months. I had my Bar exam midterm today - it was 6 hours of testing and it was draining to say the least. It was also a wake-up call. The course purposefully makes the exam difficult so everyone fails and then realizes "hey, the exam is in 4 weeks, maybe I should really try to pass this thing." Good news for me, though, is that I although I failed, I didn't fail too terribly. Tomorrow and Monday are 8 hour long sessions where we review each of the 200 questions...not looking forward to that. 

Until next time.


  1. Aww.. good luck on your next Bar exam! You look great though. =) I loove that shade of violet/lilac!

    ♥, Jo

  2. Such a simple outfit but I love how your hair and the accessories dress it up!!

    Bri @ Work Clothes, I Suppose