July 28, 2012

Bar Exam/Life Update

I know some of my friends read the blog, so I wanted to do a quick life update (even though I unfortunately don't have any outfits to post yet).

I took the Florida Bar Exam this past week on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was 6 hours of testing a day for 2 days. It was very, very difficult. I cannot express how crappy I felt walking out of each segment of the exam. I studied more for this than I have for anything in my life, I was doing Ok/well on practice exams, but I felt the questions on the exam were aspects of law/little nuances that my bar course just didn't talk about for some reason. All I can hope for is that everyone else felt the same way, and that there will be a big curve come September when the results come out.

I'm currently in CT for the next 2 weeks helping my parents move out of our house. We sold the house, we are moving on the 6th or 8th of August (can't remember). It's sort of sad that I won't really have a home in CT anymore after this, but I'm excited for my parent's official move to DC within the next year.

I have a friend's birthday in NYC tonight and I couldn't be more excited to let loose and just relax for once. The only thing I am slightly worried about is that since I haven't drank (or stayed up past like midnight) in the past 2 months, my tolerance is pretty low. I had like 3 drinks at dinner last week while I was in Tampa for the bar and I got so tired I ended up falling asleep at 9 pm lol. (It also could have been because I got no sleep the night before due to nightmares about the exam...)

Anyway, I am really excited about some of the items/outfits I packed for CT and I can't wait to get dressed up and take some photos. I left my camera in Miami but hopefully my mom will let me borrow hers :)

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