July 12, 2012


When you think of the word "mayhem" what comes to mind? The synonym that first popped into my head was "chaos." You might be interested to know that "mayhem" was apparently a felony at common law. While I was studying for the Bar today I was reviewing my criminal law outline. At common law mayhem "required either dismemberment or disablement of a bodily part."I found this interesting because I'd never heard of it before - nothing mentioned causing chaos at all! You really do learn something new every day. I also found it interesting because the outfit I put on today was pretty much the opposite of mayhem, it was pretty orderly if I must say so myself. 2 more "interesting" law facts after the photos...
Tuxedo Blazer: Gap (similar)
Lace Blouse: Loft (similar style in pink and blue)
Jeans: A&F
Shoes: Tahari Laura (similar cap toe by Tahari)
Bag: The It
Necklace: Tiffany
Bracelets: Tiffany, Movado, John Hardy
I love reading about old common law crimes because it just shows how ridiculous our past society used to be. For example, "fornication" used to be a crime - "sexual intercourse or open and notorious cohabitation by unmarried persons." "Seduction" also used to be a crime! That was inducing an unmarried woman by promise of marriage to engage in intercourse. HA. I'm going crazy from all this studying that I've lost my normal sense of humor and find this stuff funny, bear with me haha!


  1. i am studying for the colorado bar, and had the exact same reaction to "mayhem" when i was reviewing criminal law last night. who knew?!

    i love checking out your blog for style ideas--glad i found it. and you would definitely be the best-dressed at barbri in denver!

  2. good luck on the bar! and thank you for even thinking I wore this to barbri class, haha. i stopped "dressing up" after probably the first week, I just wore this to the mall today :)

  3. Ahh, my mom calls it "lawyer humor!" I'm afraid I'm infected with it as well (I'll be starting my 3L year this fall!) So nice to see that there's still style during Bar prep! This is such a lovely look :)

    sorelle in style | SHOPBOP GIVEAWAY!

  4. wow so many lawyers are coming out of the woodwork here! glad you understand my humor lol!

  5. i personally love the fact that in florida it's still technically a crime to live with your significant other to whom you are not married- it's a misdemeanor! It's also considered "lewd and lascivious!"

    Alsoo, I love your shoooooes.

  6. omg thats hilarious. i didnt know it was still on the books! what sucks about this test is im going to have to forget literally everything i learned about criminal law and immediately learn the real statutes! what a waste of my brain power

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