August 2, 2012

all about keratin

I ended up venturing out of my house for the first time in 4 days to get my hair did by my long-time stylist for the last time, probably ever, before I begin my "real person life" down in Miami. When I made the appointment a week ago, I had looked at myself in the mirror earlier in the day and was in awe of how frizzy my hair had gotten. When I was younger I got my hair relaxed once or twice and it made a huge difference in how straight and frizz-free I was able to get my hair. But this was like 5 years ago and now keratin treatments are all the rage instead.

FYI: I ordered up the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. It took me 3 full hours in the chair to get a cut, put the keratin on, blow dry the hair, and flat iron the keratin into the hair. I'll have to keep it DRY (I can't wash my hair, go into rain, or sweat) for 4 full days (a huge challenge). I have to come back in 4 days to get my hair washed and blow dried (this may be a perk of my salon and not "the norm" - not sure). It's supposed to last for up to 6 months (sounds good to me). If it does get wet, or if I sleep on my hair and it becomes a little "crinkled" (whatever the word is) I have to immediately take out my straightening iron and iron away the kinks or else I'll have said kinks for 6 months. Keratin apparently changes the structure of your hair, so if you flat iron it, it will be straight, if you curl it, it will be curly, etc. I was warned not to curl my hair for a while (I'm assuming a few months) or it could interfere with the straight structure that they created with the treatment. Overall, I'm pleased with how straight it is right now, I'm not too pleased about having greasy hair for 4 days in the middle of the summer, and I really hope it was worth the hefty price tag :) And now for some pictures and an outfit:
Vest: scored at the Zara sale! (similar)
Tee: F21
Jeans: F21
Wedges: Ann Taylor
Necklace: Danielle Stevens via Hautelook
Lips: Revlon Lip Butter "Peach Parfait" (almost matches my natural lip color)

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  1. I've not yet tried the keratin hair treatment, a colleague of mine did recently and was happy with the results. I love that vest, it went so fast at the Zara sale!